xd.one Demo and Tutorial

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Click here to see a fully automated presentation of xd.one or just follow the instructions below for our online tutorial.

Tutorial Prerequisites:

  • Download the Lotus Notes database template "Popcorn Manager"
  • Create a new Lotus Notes database "xdone/popcorn.nsf" on your Lotus Domino Server using the template
  • Be sure that all prerequisites to run xd.one are fulfilled
  • Start Eclipse

Now you are ready to follow the steps in the tutorial !

Popcorn Tutorial:

1. Creation of a new database object

In this first step we define a new database connection in the Eclipse Workspace. The new database object represents the connection to a specified Lotus Notes database on a given Lotus Domino server. The following attributes have to be specified:

  • Database: The name of the database, used as an alias inside the development environment. There are no particular restrictions for this name choice.
  • Domino Host Address: IP address or DNS-name of the computer, where your Domino server is installed. It is important to specify the port which is used for HTTP-connections with the server (e.g.
  • Domino Server Name: The name of the Lotus Domino server
  • Domino Database Name: Path and filename to the Domino database on the server

2. Creation of a tomcat project including xd.one suppport

In this step we create a new tomcat project and add xd.one support to the project. All neseccary resources will be copied into the project automatically.

3. Creation of xd.one components

This part shows the generation of xd.one view and xd.one form components. xd.one components can be generated by means of a wizard. The wizard can be started either from the eclipse wizards collection dialog or from the xd.one components view. In the presentation we are using the component view to start the wizard for the component generation. First we are creating a view component called "SalesByValue" representing domino view "Sales By Value". Then a xd.one form component is being created.

4. Starting Tomcat

This step just shows how to start Tomcat within the Eclipse Framework.

5. Testing the new Application

After starting the application enter your username and internet-password and click "login". The generated view and form components will be displayed in the browser. The presentation will shift between the Notes-GUI and the corresponding browser-view.

6. Working with documents

This step shows how to edit and save a document in the browser. The modifications will be visible immediately in the Notes client.

7. Customizing Form-Actions

This step shows you, how to implement custom form actions. In this example we will add some java code to recalculate all fields in a form. Just follow the steps in the presentation to implement some new functionality to the "Update" button.

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