Leveraging Web Services: Planning, Building, and Integration for Maximum Impact

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Web services are a group of closely related, emerging technologies based on an open, Internet-centric infrastructure. They are the driving force that makes corporate portals work, and the best, most economic way of making content and services available to everyone within a corporation, as well as all of its suppliers and customers. And web services is the only area of IT seeing any increase in spending over the foreseeable future.

Leveraging Web Services helps CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and senior managers understand how web services can be applied to their own organizations. The book uses case studies and interviews to take readers inside top real-world enterprises that have conceptualized, developed, and implemented this new technology. From stock quotes, content syndication and mapping services, to payroll management, business intelligence, shipping and logistics and other applications, making the most of web services can open up huge possibilities. Featuring examples from Oracle, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Procter & Gamble, and Amazon.com, Leveraging Web Services offers a compelling examination of how the technology can be used for superior results.


Integration Services 学习

概要 俗话说:“十年磨一剑”,Microsoft 通过5年时间的精心打造,于2005年浓重推出Sql Server 2005,这是自SQL Server 2000 以后的又一旷世之作。这套企业级的数据...
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  • hliq5399
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SQL Server 2005 Integration Services 介绍

SQL Server 2005 Intefration Services(简称SSIS)是用于创建高性能的数据集成解决方案的平台,它能够执行析取(extraction),转换(transformati...
  • chestnuts
  • chestnuts
  • 2007年04月12日 17:06
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Integration Services 学习(6):包配置

Integrartion Services 包实际上就是一个对象属性的集合,在前面我们开发的所有 Integration Services包,其中的变量、属性,比如:数据库链接、同步文件目录等,我们都...
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  • leamonjxl
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Hyper-V Centos Linux Integration Services

1.下载集成服务ISO http://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/download/details.aspx?id=28188 2.插入集成服务盘ISO 3....
  • ikmb
  • ikmb
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SQL Server Integration Services教程 1: 创建简单ETL包

在本教程中,您将创建一个简单 ETL 包,该包可以从单个平面文件源提取数据,使用两个查找转换组件转换该数据,然后将该数据写入 AdventureWorksDW 中的 FactCurrencyRate ...
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用SQL Server Management Studio远程连接Integration Services失败的解决方法

1.打开Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio2.现登录窗口,  “服务器类型(T)”那里选择"Integration Services"  “服务器名称(S)”...
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Reporting Service 和 SQL Server Integration Services 服务不能启动

解决 Reporting Service 和 SQL Server Integration Services 服务不能启动 SetActionAccount.exe 和 rsconfig.exe 命...
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  • hadstj
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执行作业报错SQL Server 执行包实用工具要求 Integration Services

执行作业报错SQL Server 执行包实用工具要求 Integration Services 此问题是因为数据库没有安装完整,Integration Services没有安装的...
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  • weiwangsisoftstone
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Integration Services 包部署常见问题汇总

   Integration  Services 包在部署过程中,经常会出现这样那样的问题,让人摸不着头脑,很是烦人。下面我就将我在部署过程中,遇到的一些问题整理出来,以供大家参考。   (一)SSI...
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  • goumaohua
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Setup Integration Broker for Web Services

By david.bain If you venture to the PeopleSoft/Fusion Middleware best practice site, you'l also see...
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