Along with the social development

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Along with the social development, the student fosters the plan is already no longer inflexible, the each school releases to face to the score search service of the student body in droves. This aim is indispensable in for everybody pro-vide a service for more loosenning from this designing aim at throwing brick leading jade, passing developping a student of simplification score management system, exhibition from and more matching student's will had become contemporary student study a part. The each aspect information that the school is mo-re convenient that is also a development, fast, accurate control, understanding, manage each student, to school, and also for train an a more excellent student conduct and actions premise. Show the VF6.0 strong and big function.

Exactly calculator technique the quick development make people setting free out from pastly the complicated handicraft labor, from but make this kind of served in now just quick universal, at the same time, the plait write the mission that a set of perfect student's informations manage system and then show particularly for importance.

The score management is the importance of the school management to constitute the part. The score not only relates to the student the score promoted, to a large extent generous character a study of student result; The score relates to at the same time the teacher's teaching result tests .The importance of the score management is obvious, but the score manage to is very heavy at school, in each lesson, each student has to should of score record. At school in various managements, score the management leads long what other that pull the management contents is most complicated, it concerned the student the score the management, the teacher manages to manage etc. with course. So in actual management work, usually because score record of the quantity is numerous, management complicated, result in the score manage confusion.

Edong duty courtyard student result management system management system regard VF6.0 as the software terrace, including system includes the customer management, score the search, score management, the statement prints four greatest molds piece.Is a real results, fast system, pursue studies the school governor provided better understand the basic circumstance, class in basic circumstance, teacher arrangement, course arrangement of this school student and the arrangement of school everyoneses provided the help, coulding be the —— make profit the assistant. Turns the complicated system in brief is this sys-tem that characteristics that strength, fast, convenience, the accurate is this sys-tem, pursuing pursued studies the school student to provided the convenience with the teacher.And can print the exportation to the homologous information proceeding.


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