I will write my article use english complelely.

原创 2006年05月17日 21:55:00

This is my aim to use english write article.I know that it is so hard ,but i will remorseless to do.

I think it is good for my english.and the english three grade english examination will begin,I have not study english for a long time .the english level is so poor ,and so poor than before .I am afraid of my english exam.

I don't feel all right lately.but i can't give up.I will insist on.for my parents,for the people of north jiangsu,even for china,I will never give up.

Believe me and trust me.

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my first article on CSDN blog in english

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I will write Blogs in English form today.

I will write Blogs in English form today in oder to keep and improve the level of my English.
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  • jojesse01
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when I am dead赏析

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I will write articles both in chinese and in english

The above is Geo Map Overlay of  my blog (http://blog.csdn.net/xushiweizh/) provided by Google Ana...
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