【EmoGenius Crew —— Alpha Sprint Testing Essay】

EmoGenius Crew —— Alpha Sprint Testing Essay

Which course does this assignment belong to2301-MUSE Community
Assignment RequirementTeamwork——Alpha Sprint
Team nameEmoGenius Crew
The goal of this assignmentAlpha Sprint Testing Essay.
Topical Collection EssayEmoGenius Crew - Alpha SprintTopical Collection of Essays

1. Testing Work Arrangement

Student Number & NameTesting Contents
832102101 Yifan WangFront-end testing – Login registration module, portrait identification module, personal information module, emotional diary module
832102109 Guandong LiFront-end testing – Mood calendar module
832102125 Tianjun ShiFront-end testing – Emotional forum module, Chatting Bot module
832102120 Jingzhen FanFront-end testing – Recording and playing module, sound changing module
832102124 Haoyuan ZhengFront-end testing – Music Player module, Rich Editor module
832102116 Yuhao LuBack-end testing – User service module
832102112 Guohua WuBack-end testing – Emotion diary module , Emotion forum module

2. Testing Tools Selection and Application

Testing ContentsTesting Tools
Front-end testing - Front page display and interactionAndroid Sutiod
Back-end testing - Whether the data can be returned reasonablyPostman

Android Studio

Create and run test cases: Test cases cover the main functionality and user interactions of the application and cover different screen, action, and input scenarios. Run the test case using the “Run” or “Debug” function.
View test cases results: Android Studio generates test reports that show the results of the execution of the test case. By looking at these results, you can learn whether the test case succeeded or failed, and why.
Start debug mode: Run the application by connecting the device or launching the emulator. When the “Run” button is clicked, the application will start on the device or emulator and will automatically enter debug mode.
Set a breakpoint: Select the location in the code you want to debug, then click on the blank area to the left of the line number, so that you can set a breakpoint on that line. When the application reaches this breakpoint, the program automatically pauses for debugging.
Exception handling: When an application throws an exception, debug mode automatically pauses the execution of the program and highlights the line of code that failed. Anomaly problems can be more easily located and resolved.


3. Testing Document

4. Testing Experience

Yifan Wang

In the current software testing practice, I have gained a profound understanding of the critical importance of effective testing for ensuring software stability. Our team, through the integration of unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing, ensures comprehensive test coverage. We not only focus on the correctness of functionalities but also prioritize user experience, guaranteeing software usability, friendliness, and improved overall performance.
The testing process is a continuous improvement journey, and timely summarization of experiences is paramount. Simultaneously, teamwork and communication are indispensable; during this testing process, effective communication, feedback, and issue resolution between front-end and back-end testing team members detected and addressed various issues, significantly enhancing the overall software quality.
The technical accumulations have provided me with a more comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons of different testing methods, offering versatile approaches for future testing endeavors. The cultivation of teamwork spirit has strengthened my trust in teammates. This experience has enriched my technical knowledge and solidified my comprehension of teamwork and continuous improvement principles.

Guandong Li

I am mainly responsible for writing emotional diaries and assisting in writing forums. In the production of this software, the main interface is centered around the calendar, clearly displaying the dates of each day. Each date can clearly display the mood of the day, expressed through colors and emoticons. This enables users to quickly understand their daily emotional state, providing good visual guidance for diary writing. The diary writing interface is simple and intuitive, providing rich editing tools. Users can freely input text and comprehensively record their mood for the day. The appropriate font and color combination in the editing interface makes the entire diary writing process more enjoyable.

Tianjun Shi

Jingzhen Fan

Haoyuan Zheng

Yuhao Lu

When conducting backend server testing, I focus on validating the stability of server hardware and network infrastructure, which includes load balancing, fault tolerance mechanisms, and high availability. Testing the server involves assessing its responsiveness and stability under different conditions. Additionally, backend testing encompasses the verification of business logic, database operations, and interface functionalities. I emphasize the design of comprehensive test cases that cover various business scenarios and exceptional situations, ensuring the correctness and consistency of backend services. The application of automated testing tools enhances efficiency and accuracy, particularly in continuous integration and continuous deployment environments. Furthermore, close collaboration with the development team for timely issue resolution is crucial for ensuring project quality.

Guohua Wu

Backend testing is a crucial aspect of software development, and through my experience in conducting backend testing, I have gained valuable insights. Firstly, having a profound understanding of backend code logic and business processes is essential. This aids in designing comprehensive test cases that cover various scenarios. Secondly, when testing database operations, ensuring data consistency, integrity, and correctness is vital. This includes validating various data types and boundary conditions. Additionally, leveraging appropriate tools and technologies enhances efficiency and accuracy. Simultaneously, timely recording and tracking of issues, collaborative bug resolution with the development team, ensure the quality and stability of the project. Lastly, continuous learning and ongoing improvement of testing skills are paramount. Keeping abreast of technological advancements enables better adaptation to evolving requirements and challenges.

5. Project Testing Comment

Page Layout and Design: Testing whether the page layout and design meet user expectations and if the UI displays correctly on different models of smartphones.
Functional Testing: Verifying the proper functioning of various software program features and confirming whether the execution results align with expectations.
User Experience Testing: Evaluating the user experience when interacting with the software program, focusing on aspects such as usability and navigation.
Stress Testing: Assessing the performance and stability of the software program under high concurrent requests.
Smoke Testing: Confirming the core functionality of the software program to determine if further detailed testing can proceed.
Regression Testing: Ensuring that defects, once fixed, do not introduce new issues, thereby safeguarding product quality.

In summary, we conducted comprehensive testing on various modules of the project. Throughout the testing process, we continuously refined test cases and procedures, enhancing both testing efficiency and quality. Test execution adhered to pre-designed test cases to ensure standardized testing with repeatable results. Recording test outcomes, identified issues, and defects, and analyzing their root causes were integral to the process, facilitating prompt team fixes and improvements. The test results indicate that our software has several issues across multiple aspects, necessitating additional time for modification and enhancement, which constitutes our team’s focus in the upcoming phase.

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