wpf 状态栏图标背景闪烁提醒 FlashWindowEx

using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Windows;
using System.Windows.Interop;

namespace XCommon {
public static class WindowExtensions {
    #region Window Flashing API Stuff

    private const UInt32 FLASHW_STOP = 0; //Stop flashing. The system restores the window to its original state.
    private const UInt32 FLASHW_CAPTION = 1; //Flash the window caption.
    private const UInt32 FLASHW_TRAY = 2; //Flash the taskbar button.
    private const UInt32 FLASHW_ALL = 3; //Flash both the window caption and taskbar button.
    private const UInt32 FLASHW_TIMER = 4; //Flash continuously, until the FLASHW_STOP flag is set.
    private const UInt32 FLASHW_TIMERNOFG = 12; //Flash continuously until the window comes to the foreground.

    private struct FLASHWINFO {
        public UInt32 cbSize; //The size of the structure in bytes.
        public IntPtr hwnd; //A Handle to the Window to be Flashed. The window can be either opened or minimized.
        public UInt32 dwFlags; //The Flash Status.
        public UInt32 uCount; // number of times to flash the window
        public UInt32 dwTimeout; //The rate at which the Window is to be flashed, in milliseconds. If Zero, the function uses the default cursor blink rate.

    [return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Bool)]
    private static extern bool FlashWindowEx(ref FLASHWINFO pwfi);

    private static extern IntPtr GetForegroundWindow();


    public static void FlashWindow(this Window win, UInt32 count = UInt32.MaxValue, UInt32 interval = 100) {
        //Don't flash if the window is active
        if (win.IsActive) return;

        WindowInteropHelper h = new WindowInteropHelper(win);
        FLASHWINFO info = new FLASHWINFO {
            hwnd = h.Handle,
            dwFlags = FLASHW_ALL | FLASHW_TIMER,
            uCount = count,
            dwTimeout = interval

        info.cbSize = Convert.ToUInt32(Marshal.SizeOf(info));
        FlashWindowEx(ref info);

    public static void StopFlashingWindow(this Window win) {
        WindowInteropHelper h = new WindowInteropHelper(win);

        FLASHWINFO info = new FLASHWINFO();
        info.hwnd = h.Handle;
        info.cbSize = Convert.ToUInt32(Marshal.SizeOf(info));
        info.dwFlags = FLASHW_STOP;
        info.uCount = UInt32.MaxValue;
        info.dwTimeout = 0;

        FlashWindowEx(ref info);
开始闪烁:FlashWindow(this Window win, UInt32 count = UInt32.MaxValue, UInt32 interval = 100)
win 主窗体,count 闪动次数微信是4次,interval 闪烁间隔毫秒
例子:WindowExtensions.FlashWindow(this, 5, 500);
private void window_OnActivated(object sender, EventArgs e) {
        if (this.IsActive) {
            if (notificationTimer.Enabled) {
                notificationTimer.Enabled = false; // 停止闪烁通知区域图标
                notifyIcon.Icon = icons[0];
            WindowExtensions.StopFlashingWindow(this); // 停止闪烁任务栏