QT pro 中使用 pri

I wonder if there is a way to have a view of the project tree, showing subdirectories. In our project, we have many different classes that are each in a different directory. Being able to get those subdirectories to show would be useful to find the file we want to edit.


方法: I'm using .pri file in each subdirectory instead of .pro.

 [Your main .pro file] TEMPLATE = app i

nclude(foo/foo.pri) SOURCES += main.cpp /


... DEPENDPATH += foo [not sure, it is necessary]

可以不用 INCLUDEPATH += foo [not sure, it is necessary]

可以不用 [foo.pri] HEADERS += $$PWD/foo.h


SOURCES += $$PWD/foo.cpp

注: $$PWD/必须要用, 否则是显示不出目录结构的, 这个在Windows, Mac下都能起作用, 想必在Linux也同样有效.


Thanks for the hint, but what exactly are .pri files, I often see them around, but I haven't found anywhere in the documentation where they are mentioned. Is there a place I can learn about them? It's just a naming convention for junks of .pro files that are supposed to be included using 'include(...)' in 'real' .pro files, 'real' meaning 'having a TARGET=... line'. .pri文件其实就是把.pro文件的后缀改成.pri,


The .pri file contains the list of source files, header files,

.ui files, and .qrc files in the project.

Developers on platforms other than Windows can add or remove files to the project by editing the .pri file.


注意 : .pri 文件必须用$$PWD,否则qmake就会提示找不到文件.


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