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L.G.ALEXANDER 访谈录(ZT) L.G.ALEXANDER 是本人十分崇敬的英语教学大师,他的《新概念英语》让本人受益终生。这里转一篇对他的访谈,希望能对大家学习英语有些帮助。 *   问:学习英语或任何外语的最基本的方法是什么或怎样才能高效率的学习英语?*    答:是熟练或熟习。想想我们的母语,你就会明白,我们从小并未特意学习却能进行自由的交流靠的就是不断的听别人说和模

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原创 简单介绍ID与name的区别

简单介绍ID与name的区别 06-09-22 简单介绍 ID 与 name 的区别 http://5idev.net/javascript/ID/name/396656 l id 就像身分证号,是唯一的, name 就像姓名一样可以同名 l 一个元素定义了 id ,引用该元素时直接用 id 属性,而 name 通常用在 form 中,且必须由 document.form.***

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原创 c++里关于cerr,clog,cout三者的区别

c++里关于cerr,clog,cout三者的区别: cerr(无缓冲标准错误)----------没有缓冲,发送给它的内容立即被输出 clog(缓冲标准错误)------------有缓冲,缓冲区满时输出 cout--------------------------------标准输出 三个都是ostream类定义的输出流对象. cout是在终端显示器输出,cout流

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原创 Winsock服务器内存资源管理(转)

一般来讲, 在服务器上,如果有足够的资源,Winsock server,理论上可以支持成千的并发连接。而现实是,我们没有足够的资源可供使用,分配。本文主要来讨论一下内存资源之于Winsock server开发的重要性。 一)基本概念。 -> Pages,Locked Pages.         在现代操作系统中,内存管理会把主存(RAM)分成Pages来管理。 Paging

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Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Electric Renewables

微网方案设计和投资回报测算软件 HOMER (Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Electric Renewables), the micropower optimization model, simplifies the task of evaluating designs of both off-grid and grid-connected power systems for a variety of applications. When you design a power system, you must make many decisions about the configuration of the system: what components does it make sense to include in the system design? How many and what size of each component should you use? The large number of technology options and the variation in technology costs and availability of energy resources make these decisions difficult. HOMER's optimization and sensitivity analysis algorithms make it easier to evaluate the many possible system configurations. http://homerenergy.com/


CIM 61968 61970 62325 最新模型文件

电力行业都明白这是做什么的 比目前CSDN能找到的都新的CIM模型 现在CIM模型必须会员单位才能下载 公司是会员单位,各个模型的版本分别为: 61970 15v31 61968 11v12 62325 01v07 格式为 .eap (Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect) 可以在 http://www.sparxsystems.com/下载试用版 如果哪位有注册版9.2版本的请妹儿我一下:webscada@163.com,谢谢


Whole Tomato Visual Assist 1912




Windows.Internals 6th Mark Russinovich


MSDN WebCast教学视频下载工具



Windows SDK编程

Windows SDK编程(chm格式)全中文并附配书源代码Charles Petzold经典中的经典





C++ 编码规范:101条规则,指导和最佳实践

C++ 编码规范:101条规则,指导和最佳实践


Oracle PL/SQL 最佳实践

Oracle PL/SQL 最佳实践



迅速掌握HTML/CSS<br>The fastest route to true HTML/CSS mastery!Need to build a web site? Or update one? Or just create some effective new web content? Maybe you just need to update your skills, do the job better.Welcome. This book's for you. We'll leverage what you already know about the web, so you'll go further, faster than you ever expected. You'll master today's best practices: the real nuts and bolts, not theory or hooey. You'll learn through dozens of focused HTML, XHTML, and CSS examples: crafted for simplicity and easy to adapt for your own projects.Need specific solutions? This book's modular, visual, high-efficiency format delivers them instantly. Molly E. Holzschlag draws on her unparalleled experience teaching Web design and development. No other HTML/CSS guide covers this much, this well, this quickly. Dig in, get started, get results! All you need to succeed with HTML, XHTML, and CSS in real-world projects Learn how to build web pages that'll work in any environment, on virtually any contemporary browser Construct templates that simplify every page you develop Structure and tag text so it's easy to work with and manage Add images, media, and scriptsquickly and reliably Discover the right ways to use HTML tables Build easy-to-use forms and validate your users' input Use CSS to take total control over your site's look and feel Master core CSS techniques: color, images, text styles, link effects, lists, navigation, and more Control margins, borders, padding, positioning, floats, even Z-index Design efficient, compatible, easy-to-manage CSS layoutsIncludes concise XHTML and CSS annotated references: quick help for every language elementSpring Into... is a new series of fast-paced tutorials from Addison-Wesley. Each book in the series is designed to bring you up to speed quickly. Complex topics and technologies are reduced to their core components, and each component is treated with remarkable efficiency in one- or two-page spreads. Just the information you need to begin working...now! And because the books are example-rich and easy to navigate, you'll find that they make great on-the-job references after you've mastered the basics.<br><br>


Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls

<br>The easy-to-use guide for learning how to secure networks with the world-class PIX Firewall Ideal for network administrators with little or no firewall experience Easily explains how to implement a security system in small and medium businesses or at home using graphical PIX Device Manager (PDM) Presents best practices for locking down network devices, including routers, switches, hosts, and servers Covers PIX 7.0 and the most recent version of PDMAll networks need a strong security solution to prevent against the devastation of worms, viruses, and malicious intruders, but the reality is that small and medium businesses do not have the resources to invest in adequate security training. These businesses need a security solution that is simple to learn and easy to implement. Cisco PIX Device Manager (PDM) is a feature-rich, graphical management system that provides administrators with an easy-to-use interface for Cisco PIX security devices. PDM simplifies the configuration, operation, and monitoring of Cisco PIX security appliances.Securing Your Business Using PIX Device Manager helps readers secure small and medium-sized networks from network intrusions using PDM, the PIX Firewall, and Cisco Security Agent. Aimed at the beginner network security administrator, it is written in simple language and avoids technical jargon. The book starts by explaining how hackers operate and discusses how to protect against hacking attacks. Step-by-step instructions for entering commands into the graphical interface are interlaced with explanations of what attacks and network threats are mitigated with the commands. Upon reading this book, users will understand in simple terms the threats to their networks, the tools and commands used to mitigate such threats, and any exposures that may be outstanding when features are not in use. <br>



LEDA是一个商业化的算法函数库,LEDA就是Library of Efficient Data structure and Algorithm一个常用ADT的C++实现,推荐下载。简介:LEDA is a library of the data types and algorithms of combinatorial computing. The main features are: LEDA provides a sizable collection of data types and algorithms in a form which allows them to be used by non-experts. In the current version, this collection includes most of the data types and algorithms described in the text books of the area. LEDA gives a precise and readable specification for each of the data types and algorithms mentioned above. The specifications are short (typically, not more than a page), general (so as to allow several implementations), and abstract (so as to hide all details of the implementation). For many efficient data structures access by position is important. In LEDA, we use an item concept to cast positions into an abstract form. We mention that most of the specifications given in the LEDA manual use this concept, i.e., the concept is adequate for the description of many data types. LEDA contains efficient implementations for each of the data types, e.g., Fibonacci heaps for priority queues, red-black trees and dynamic perfect hashing for dictionaries, ... LEDA contains a comfortable data type graph. It offers the standard iterations such as ``for all nodes v of a graph G do'' or ``for all neighbors w of v do'', it allows to add and delete vertices and edges, it offers arrays and matrices indexed by nodes and edges,... The data type graph allows to write programs for graph problems in a form close to the typical text book presentation. LEDA is implemented by a C++ class library. It can be used with almost any C++ compiler (g++, CC, xlC, cxx, Borland, MSVC++, Watcom). LEDA is not in the public domain, but can be used freely for academic research and teaching. A commercial license is also available.


A real-time adaptive trading system

Technical analysis indicators are widely used by traders in financial and<br>commodity markets to predict future price levels and enhance trading<br>profitability. We have previously shown a number of popular indicator-based<br>trading rules to be loss-making when applied individually in a systematic<br>manner. However, technical traders typically use combinations of a broad<br>range of technical indicators. Moreover, successful traders tend to adapt to<br>market conditions by ‘dropping’ trading rules as soon as they become<br>loss-making or when more profitable rules are found. In this paper we try to<br>emulate such traders by developing a trading system consisting of rules based<br>on combinations of different indicators at different frequencies and lags. An<br>initial portfolio of such rules is selected by a genetic algorithm applied to a<br>number of indicators calculated on a set of US Dollar/British Pound spot<br>foreign exchange tick data from 1994 to 1997 aggregated to various intraday<br>frequencies. The genetic algorithm is subsequently used at regular intervals<br>on out-of-sample data to provide new rules and a feedback system is utilized<br>to rebalance the rule portfolio, thus creating two levels of adaptivity. Despite<br>the individual indicators being generally loss-making over the data period,<br>the best rule found by the developed system is found to be modestly, but<br>significantly, profitable in the presence of realistic transaction costs.





Software Project Cost Estimates Using COCOMO II Model.zip



Detours 2.1

Detours是微软开发的一个函数库,用于修改运行中的程序在内存中的影像,从而即使没有源代码也能改变程序的行为。<br>具体用途是: <br><br>拦截WIN32 API调用,将其引导到自己的子程序,从而实现WIN32 API的定制。 <br>为一个已在运行的进程创建一新线程,装入自己的代码并运行。 <br>---- 本文将简介Detours的原理,Detours库函数的用法, 并利用Detours库函数在Windows NT上编写了一个程序,该程序能使有“调试程序”的用户权限的用户成为系统管理员,可利用Detours库函数修改该程序使普通用户即可成为系统管理员



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