National Day log 1

原创 2004年10月02日 09:51:00

Yesterday, Benbattle DoctorXinghua came as plan... I pick Doctor at the airport and we three finally met together down my home building. Watched DVD Shrek 2 for a while and went out for dinner... The name of the restaurant is Mao Jia restaurant , it's from our Chairman Mao. HongShaoRou is one of their most famous dishes, but pity, they don't have it yesterday... but the other dishes is quite delicious as well

The plan of today is go to center part of Shenzhen, including Lotus moutain ...
Benbattle went out early to meet his university classmate here, who is also working in Tech Park , Shenzhen...

Today, we three went to ZhuHai. At lots of places , we just walk and enjoy the scene and wind, though I've been to ZhuHai for times, it's the best this time. I think it's also because of good friends

National Day log 2

Now all have become memories ... I dont feel good after their leaving, its like I lost something imp...
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  • KingChris
  • 2004年10月07日 16:40
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National Day

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  • jackhjb
  • 2008年10月02日 21:59
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strtotime('yesterday')与strtotime('-1 day')获取的时间戳

echo date('Y-m-d H:i:s',strtotime('yesterday')); echo ''; echo date('Y-m-d H:i:s',strtotime('-1 day...
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  • chencaichina
  • 2017年06月14日 18:30
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Msql 中的 时间段查询(一天,一周,一个月)

我们在对数据查询或菜单时经常要对指定的时间或时间段进行查询,例如要查询一天内的信息,要查询一周内的信息,要查询一个月内的数据,这里我讲下DATE_SUB函数,同时结合实例进行讲解 定义和用法 ...
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  • HiBoyljw
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HDU3687 National Day Parade  在n*m排着n*n个士兵,休息时散开(只能水平散开),集中时要重新站成n*n方阵,求总体最少移...
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Happy National Day!

The National Day is really here, which Ive been looking forward to for a long time And it will be wo...
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This National Puppy Day

English setter puppies sit next to a young Scottish girl. 苏格兰姑娘旁边的雪达幼犬 By Heather Brady PUBLISH...
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  • sinat_37883285
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ORA-01847: day of month must be between 1 and last day of month 解决方法

ORA-01847: day of month must be between 1 and last day of month 解决方法
  • chenjunan888
  • chenjunan888
  • 2015年03月24日 23:12
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powerdesigner 15以上 national 问题

如何解决在使用PowerDesigner生成MySql脚本有错的问题 近日在使用PowerDesigner设计MySql的Model,但在生成SQL脚本的时候,老是过不去。 PowerDe...
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  • szyyyp
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Oracle 之 ORA-01847: day of month must be between 1 and last day of month

当我们在从oracle中取数据的时候有时会报一下错误:  nested exception is java.sql.SQLDataException: ORA-01847: day of m...
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