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From now on, I wanna be professional in AIX. So I think I should clean up all what I have learned. BTW, go over.
I should finish reading the DOC below:
1. AIX Basics
2. Implementation I & II & Different
3. Performance Tuning
4. Korn-Bash
5. Perl
6. AIX Administration
Resource is OK, just need action.
for KeyBoard.


Backspace: correct mistake

<Ctrl-c>: terminates current command and return to the shell

<Ctrl-D>: exit or logout (only work while in login shell)end of transmission or end of a file

<Ctrl-s>stop output to the screen

<Ctrl-q>resume output of the screen

<Ctrl-u>erase the entire line


some CMD:

passwd: change the user’s password

find: search for specific file

grep: search for pattern in the file

date: date of today

cal: cal 1 2003 == January on 2003

clear: clear screen

echo(print): write what follows to the screen

banner: write character strings in large later to the screen

who am i:  == whoami == finding who you are

who: finding who is on the system

finger: finger someone. Display info. About someone currently logged on the system


send message:

$mail ID

Subject: xxxxxx (on same system)  <username>@<hostname> (on other system)

Good Good study, Day Day up.

< Ctrl-D >

Cc: xxx (Enter)


write: send message to other on a system

wall: write to the terminals. Notify to all users on the system of a system event

talk: talk user. Hold a conversation.

mesg: send message // mesg n ==refuses message.  mesg y == permits message

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