1.NI Application Web Server
The NI Application Web Server loads Web service applications which are deployed using National Instruments LabVIEW. Stopping this service may cause deployed Web service applications to become unavailable.
NI应用程序Web服务器加载使用National Instruments LabVIEW部署的Web服务应用程序。停止此服务可能导致已部署的Web服务应用程序不可用。

2.NI Authentication Service
The NI Authentication Service provides a database of users and permissions used by the NI System and Application Web Servers and the web services they host. Stopping this service may cause some NI software to not function properly.
3.NI Citadel 4 Service
Historical data logging database service used for Lookout prior to ver. 6 and LabVIEW DSC prior to ver. 7. If this service is stopped or disabled, you will be unable to load databases logged in the Citadel 4 format used by those products.
历史数据日志数据库服务,用于以前ver6的Lookout ver7的LabVIEW DSC 如果该服务被停止或禁用,您将无法加载这些产品使用的Citadel 4格式的数据库。
4.NI Domain Service
Provides a domain server for NI Shared Variable security. If this service is stopped or disabled, this machine will be unable to act as a domain when configuring shared variable security.
5.NI License Server
Controls the National Instruments License Server to track volume software licenses. If this service is stopped or disabled, the volume license server will stop working, and users will not be able to check out software.
6.NI mDNS Responder Service
Advertises and discovers Zeroconf devices and services. If this service is stopped, advertisement and discovery of devices and services will no longer function. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.
7.NI PSP Service Locator
Locates servers at the request of network variable clients and other proprietary NI network protocols. If this service is stopped or disabled, network variables and network streams will stop working.
8.NI Service Locator
Stores registered services and returns data to a client who requests a service. Allows a client to use a service name to query the NI Service Locator and obtain the port number associated with that service name.
9.NI System Web Server
The NI System Web Server provides National Instruments Web services and Web-based configuration and Monitoring utility. Stopping this service may cause some NI software to not function properly.
10.NI Time Synchronization
Allows this machine to keep its time synchronized with a master time server, or to act as a time server for other machines. This feature is configured with the Shared Variable Engine settings in LabVIEW. If this service is stopped or disabled, this form of time synchronization will not be available.

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