Share Store - 进程间数据共享

Action 间共享数据、在 QTP VBS 之间通讯、在 BPT 测试中从一个 Component 传递信息到下一个 Component… 这些都能通过 Tarun Lalwani 写的一个名为 Share Store COM 对象来实现。



    * Inter processes communication (Ex - QTP and VBScript)?

    * Passing information from one Action to another action?

    * Passing information from one component to another component in BPT?

    * Creating objects which can persists for as long as you want to improve performance?

    * Passing information from one machine to another machine?

    * Keep information in memory even when you process exists (Ex – QTP, VBScript)?

* If your answer to any of the above question is yes then here is the answer for you.






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