SAP ABAP package creation

SE21  go to Packagebuilder.  Steps:

1.      Create a structure package.  -->

2.      Create a main package   -->

3.      Go to the structure package’s “packages included”tab, add existing package, and enter the name of your main package.   -->

4.      Go to the main package’s “package included”tab,  add a new package naming startedwith “Y” or “Z”, type is “not a main package”. Andmake sure in this sub package’s attributes tab, the “package not extendable” isuncheck.



1.   If in the sub package’s attributes tab, the “packagenot extendable”  can not be uncheck,firstly make sure the “main package” above it isuncheck, then save it.  After that it should be able to uncheck.

2.   Sub package can be both included into structurepacakge or main package.

3.   Sub package must be named start with “Y” or “Z”.


Done. Login into se80. Select RepositoryBrowser. Choose package on first dropdown list, then all your created structurepackage will be able to choose.

How to remove the subpackage from structure package or mainpackage:

Sometime subpackage can not be removed directly from theparent package, error message is “The pacakge is still contains subobjects”.

We need to go to Transport Organizer  and release the relevant request  for example C11K900013. Then go back to the  Repository Browser and right click on this subpackage, delete itwith creating new request.   


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SAP ABAP package creation