Blog Providers

The following are some blog providers I know.
  • Google Blog - Configurable layout by applying template. Simple and straight interface. Both HTML and WYSIWYG post editing. Blog this! button(available in IE/FireFox toolbar) allows you to quickly add a blog.  Can change the date/time of your post.  Seems inaccessible in China mainland.
  • CSDN Blog - Sub Blog site of CSDN, not sure if the layout can be changed. Chinese. Both HTML and WYSIWYG post editing. Slow server. Can be down at any time. Down most of the time.
  • MSN Spaces - 30MB space. With your own space, you can... Create a blog, Share photos, Go mobile, Personalize your space. Accessible in China mainland. Good Layout customization but poor post editing facility. Just plain text or raw HTML. No WYSIWYG. So you have to spend more time on the formatting.
  • Spymac - 500MB - 2.5G space. Free domain names, daily backups, access to Perl/CGI, MySQL and PHP. Commercial($7-37/month). Provide blog? How to setup? Not very sure.
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