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Sitting under the window, seeing stars suspending in the sky, I have stared at the dark sky for long time. This is the most comfortable method of relaxation since I was a child. Everything is changing, so do I. As a blink of my eye, I am becoming an enchanting girlJ


Making the time turn back, I still remember my goal was to become a doctor when I was young. As a matter of fact, doctor is a respectable and reliable career. Pure, respectable, reliable can become me like an angel. Maybe it was the right dream of many girls like me as a child. But time goes by, I am becoming interested in the English learning. Thanks God to deliver a wonderful English teacher to me when the first time I met English. It was Catherine who was my English teacher opening my heart door, and every time as long as I mentioned her name, my every cell would excite thoroughly. I still can memorize the situation as she entered our classroom with several English textbooks. Because she was an attractive girl around 25 years old with sweet voice, I suddenly couldn’t help control my feeling of loving English. From then on, I concentrated my mind listening to every English class and taking notes carefully. Getting a championship in an English test was my happiest thing at that time, for my teacher would reward me with a smile, which was a biggest gift to me. Later and later, I set a goal in my heart, which is the right way I want to walk along. I love English,? I love the beautiful font of it.


Now I am 22 years old, as a beautiful and charming girl, I would still like to focus my whole energy to fulfill my goal. To find a good job, to look for a beloved boy, to live happily together is my dream now. I am a plain girl, but my mind is vivid. I like singing and dancing, realizing simple and happy life belongs to me.


I am an open and energetic girl, you can find an active one when you hear my song.

I am a strong-will girl, I won’t give up when I meet difficulty.

I am a welcoming girl, you will enjoy yourself when you stay with me.

I am also a simple but not dull girl, hoping I have a happy family and bright future.


This is Me. Oh, If I don’t mention my name, it will be so regretful. My name is Cherry. If you’d like to know me, please don’t leave and wait for my next biography. Thank you!

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