• Full GC Lines: (full gc)
    • Black vertical line at every Full GC
  • Inc GC Lines:(增量GC)
    • Cyan vertical line at every Incremental GC
  • GC Times Line: (gc 时间)
    • Green line that shows the length of all GCs
  • GC Times Rectangles: (gc时间区域)
    • black rectangle at every Full GC
    • blue rectangle at every inital mark event
    • orange rectangle at every remark event
    • red rectangle at every vm operation event ("application stopped...")
    • Grey rectangle at every ‘normal‘ GC
    • Light grey rectangle at every Incremental GC
  • Total Heap:(总堆大小)
    • Red line that shows heap size
  • Tenured Generation:(老年代)
    • Magenta area that shows the size of the tenured generation (not available without PrintGCDetails)
  • Young Generation:(年轻代)
    • Orange area that shows the size of the young generation (not available without PrintGCDetails)
  • Used Heap:(堆使用量)
    • Blue line that shows used heap size
  • Initial mark level:(cms或g1垃圾回收算法初始标记事件)
    • Yellow line that shows the heap usage at "initial-mark" event (only available when the gc algorithm uses concurrent collections, which is the case for CMS and G1)
  • Concurrent collections:(cms或g1垃圾回收并发收集周期)
    • Cyan vertical line for every begin (concurrent-mark-start) and pink vertical line for every end (CMS-concurrent-reset / G1: concurrent-cleanup-end) of a concurrent collection cycle