Count the Colors ZOJ - 1610(线段树)

Count the Colors ZOJ - 1610 Painting some colored segments on a line, some previously painted segments may be covered by some the subsequent ones. ...

2018-09-02 13:24:07

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2018ACM/ICPC南京站网络赛G Lpl and Energy-saving Lamps(线段树)

2018ACM/ICPC南京站网络赛G Lpl and Energy-saving Lamps During tea-drinking, princess, amongst other things, asked why has such a good-natured and cute Drag...

2018-09-02 12:07:31

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Multiply game(线段树)

Multiply game Tired of playing computer games, alpc23 is planning to play a game on numbers. Because plus and subtraction is too easy for this gay,...

2018-08-05 12:54:17

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Data Structure? HDU - 4217(线段树)

Data Structure? HDU - 4217 Data structure is one of the basic skills for Computer Science students, which is a particular way of storing and organi...

2018-07-19 11:06:19

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Beam Cannon HDU - 5091 (线段树+扫描线)

Beam Cannon HDU - 5091 Recently, the γ galaxies broke out Star Wars. Each planet is warring for resources. In the Star Wars, Planet X is under att...

2018-07-17 16:57:11

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覆盖的面积 HDU - 1255(线段树+扫描线求二次重叠面积)

覆盖的面积 HDU - 1255 给定平面上若干矩形,求出被这些矩形覆盖过至少两次的区域的面积.   Input 输入数据的第一行是一个正整数T(1<=T<=100),代表测试数据的数量.每个测试数据的第一行是一个正整数N(1&a...

2018-07-17 15:14:17

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Picture POJ - 1177(线段树+扫描线入门)

Picture POJ - 1177 A number of rectangular posters, photographs and other pictures of the same shape are pasted on a wall. Their sides are all ver...

2018-07-17 13:56:41

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Atlantis HDU - 1542(线段树+扫描线入门)

Atlantis HDU - 1542 There are several ancient Greek texts that contain descriptions of the fabled island Atlantis. Some of these texts even includ...

2018-07-17 12:56:23

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Mayor's posters POJ - 2528(离散化+成段更新+区间统计)

Mayor's posters POJ - 2528 ...

2018-04-30 20:23:26

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A Simple Problem with Integers POJ - 3468(线段树模板)

A Simple Problem with Integers POJ - 3468 ...

2018-04-30 18:56:16

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New Year Tree CodeForces - 620E 线段树+dfs序+状态压缩

New Year Tree CodeForces - 620E The New Year holidays are over, but Resha doesn't wan...

2018-03-14 22:11:02

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A Corrupt Mayor's Performance Art (线段树+二进制压缩)

A Corrupt Mayor's Performance Art Corrupt governors always find ways to get dirty money. Paint something, then sell the worthless painting at a hi...

2017-11-03 10:32:57

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Just a Hook(线段树)

Just a Hook In the game of DotA, Pudge’s meat hook is actually the most horrible thing for most of the heroes. The hook is made up of several consec...

2017-11-02 18:04:11

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