翻译 PHP Advent 2011:带有CORS的跨域Ajax

I've had the honor of writing for this year's PHP Advent, blessing you all about Cross-Origin Requests with CORS: 我很荣幸为今年PHP Advent撰写文章,向大家祝福CORS的跨域请求: There's no doubt that Ajax is one of th...

2020-08-11 10:20:54 81

翻译 curl 等js加载完_curl.js:令人难以置信的AMD加载程序

curl 等js加载完Today there are dozens of AMD JavaScript loaders available, the most popular being RequireJS. There are also lesser known JavaScript loaders like YepNope, $script.js, LABjs, and Dojo's new...

2020-08-11 10:11:45 601

翻译 firefox os_如何在电视上测试Firefox OS应用

firefox osOne of my responsibilities in my new role in Partner Engineeringat Mozilla is testing HTML5-powered apps and games on Panasonic televisions. The television in my office, a beautiful 60" 4K...

2020-08-11 10:01:28 114

翻译 vux flexbox使用_使用Flexbox创建垫片

vux flexbox使用I was one of the biggest fans of flexbox before it hit but, due to being shuffled around at Mozilla, I never had the chance to use it in any practice project; thus, flexbox still seems li...

2020-08-11 09:01:36 66

翻译 颜色代码六位十六进制字符_8位十六进制颜色

One of the most requested capabilities in my early days of web development was the ability to set opacity on elements and even PNG images without the need for browser-specific CSS or hacks. Eventuall...

2020-08-11 08:52:34 3008

翻译 button css_使用CSS创建Google Button效果

button cssI always found Google's branding simple but grew to realize that was the beauty in their design; there's something about "just enough" that is the perfect balance between bland and over the ...

2020-08-11 08:11:46 99

翻译 api代理提取_提取API

api代理提取One of theworst kept secrets about AJAX on the web is that the underlying API for it, XMLHttpRequest, wasn't really made for what we've been using it for. We've done well tocreate elegant AP...

2020-08-11 06:50:28 593

翻译 dojo toolkit_Dojo Toolkit API书签

dojo toolkitYou probably know by know that I enjoy using JavaScript-powered bookmarklets to retrieve information. I create a jQuery documentation bookmarklet, a MooTools class sniffer bookmarklet, an...

2020-08-11 06:40:22 44

翻译 文件api_文件API

Working with file uploads, especially on the front end,was always a hassle. We didn't use to be able to drag and drop files, complete AJAX uploads, provide multiple files, and hell, we couldn't get ...

2020-08-11 06:31:00 73

翻译 novalidate_HTML5表单Novalidate

novalidateI've been very skeptical when it comes toHTML5 form validation. It's a nice addition, don't get me wrong, but let's be honest-- it'snot very powerful and it could get in the way of the J...

2020-08-11 05:49:01 167

翻译 dojo ajax 传参_使用Dojo工具包进行自定义AJAX内容处理

dojo ajax 传参If you were to ask me for the top five words that should describe any JavaScript framework, one of them would be flexible. The Dojo Toolkit is ultra-flexible in just about every way, usin...

2020-08-11 05:39:20 72

翻译 JavaScript Promise API

The JavaScript Promise API is awesome but can be made amazing with async and await! JavaScript Promise API很棒,但是可以通过async和await变得惊人! While synchronous code is easier to follow and debug, async is gen...

2020-08-11 05:09:17 46

翻译 iframe 响应式ua_响应式IFRAME

iframe 响应式uaResponsive web design revolutionized the web and spurred a movement away from native apps to web apps easily customizable for a mobile environment. We use media queries and non-pixel-base...

2020-08-11 04:59:46 575

翻译 graph meta_Facebook Open Graph META标签

graph metaIt's no secret that Facebook has become a major traffic driver for all types of websites. Nowadays even large corporations steer consumers toward their Facebook pages instead of the cor...

2020-08-11 04:40:38 98

翻译 地理位置api_地理位置API

地理位置apiUpdate long overdue -- the Geolocation API is now available in all browsers! 逾期未更新-现在所有浏览器都可使用Geolocation API! One interesting aspect of web development is geolocation; where is your user view...

2020-08-11 04:09:24 129

翻译 api权限_权限API

api权限Many of thefunctionalities thatwe're translated frommobile to the web require permission from the user. Think about geolocation, audio/video access(think getUserMedia for cameraaccess), and...

2020-08-11 03:38:54 297

翻译 使用JavaScript检测在线状态

It seems like there's been a huge push in the past year or two to make offline browsing an enjoyableexperience with the web; a large part of that push probably being HTML5 mobile apps, or just web a...

2020-08-11 03:28:04 80

翻译 使用JavaScript安装Chrome Store Web Apps

Being able to install Firefox OS web apps from any domain, not just the platform app store, is a giant step forward in mobile app marketing and freedom. Firefox OS allows installing apps from any...

2020-08-11 03:17:35 83

翻译 apache代理_简单的Apache代理

apache代理I was recently working with Apache and a service running onKris Zyp's Persevere project (which is beyond awesome). Persevere was pushing messages to my application which was running on Apach...

2020-08-11 02:36:36 209

翻译 wordpress更改网址_如何更改WordPress管理员登录徽标

wordpress更改网址There are numerous content management systems that thrive these days but none are as prolific as WordPress. Every client wants the ability to change their website at a moment's notice and...

2020-08-11 01:58:41 63

翻译 火狐无法载入样式表_如何在Firefox中添加用户样式表

火狐无法载入样式表While many like to complain about CSS these days, it's important to remember how amazing CSS is; the CSS language is: 尽管许多人最近都在抱怨CSS,但重要的是要记住CSS的惊人之处。 CSS语言是: easy to learn 简单易学 easy to re...

2020-08-11 01:38:06 287

翻译 使用事件提高Google Analytics(分析)中的跳出率

The bounce rate cited by Google Analytics for this blog has always been high and it's been discouraging. Having a high bounce rate is bad, right? Or does that mean someone found what they needed and...

2020-08-11 01:18:00 96

翻译 javascript 编码_带类JavaScript编码

javascript 编码I've spent the last two weeks in London, eating fish'n'chips, drinking cup'o'tea, and being a hooligan at the Arsenal. Oh yeah, there was a MooTools hackathon too. The MooTools hackatho...

2020-08-11 00:58:24 40

翻译 如何使用JavaScript获取和设置CSS变量值

CSS variables are a very welcome addition to the language, despite them being incredibly basic. Sure we could use SASS or stylus but languages should never count on developers relying on frameworks a...

2020-08-11 00:16:26 422

翻译 获取并设置HTML5视频当前时间

Last week I explored how you could get the duration of a HTML5 video. It's an important technique, obviously, but one that may be a bit more important is managing the video's time setting. Both sett...

2020-08-10 22:45:43 233

翻译 twitter加载很慢_我很高兴加入Twitter的6个理由

twitter加载很慢For the longest time I refused to do the Twitter thing. Looking back it seems stupid but I just would not join the craze. Two months and 350 updates later, I'm a proud card-carrying Twitt...

2020-08-10 22:15:01 7472

翻译 脚本实现表单提交账号和密码_带有提交Favelet的脚本和样式更新

脚本实现表单提交账号和密码It's been six months and some change since the launch of Script & Style and the website is doing extremely well. Traffic continues to rise, our RSS feed subscriber count is close to ...

2020-08-10 22:05:06 46

翻译 在Chrome中使用Mozilla Firefox DevTools

I shared on Twitter last week that I do casual browsing inGoogle Chrome but do most of my developmentwork in Firefox. I can't give a great reason for doing so but Firefox has seemed like a developm...

2020-08-10 21:54:20 261

翻译 iphone相机原理_在iPhone上获取HTML5相机和视频

iphone相机原理One of the questions I get asked most often via my contact form is how to get access to the camera and video recorder on the iPhone from within the browser. It's a valid question, one that ...

2020-08-10 21:44:27 138

翻译 digg bt_Digg主页! 呜呜!

digg btI made the Digg homepage for the first time! Sweet. Nothing like a front page promotion! 我是第一次进入Digg主页! 甜。 没有什么像头版促销! Subsequently, DZone's server crashed quickly. Ooops! 随后,DZone的服务器Swi...

2020-08-10 20:52:45 145

翻译 类似ga.js分析开源_使用ga_debug.js进行Google Analytics(分析)调试

类似ga.js分析开源Google Analytics and its API is a beacon of awesomeness and immense stat tracking power, but for the longest time I was using some of its features, like event tracking, and simply taking Go...

2020-08-10 20:42:12 97

翻译 并发 高并发_实习生并发问题

并发 高并发Update: I've found the root issue and have detailed it at the end of this post. 更新:我发现了根本问题,并在本文结尾处进行了详细说明。 Over the past year I've created and implemented Selenium testing on the Mozilla Devel...

2020-08-10 19:41:07 58

翻译 使用Google Analytics(分析)跟踪JavaScript错误

Google Analytics has always been more than a hit counter and demographic tool -- you could build a career out of being a Google Analytics analyst. You can measure ad campaign effectiveness, track how...

2020-08-10 19:21:14 52

翻译 qt gamepad_Mac上的Gamepad API和Xbox控制器

qt gamepadThe Mozilla MozVR team wasdemonstrating the open WebVR standard as well as A-Frame at GDC a few weeks ago and people were intrigued; some were surprised the web could handle VR, someprobab...

2020-08-10 18:32:22 333

翻译 dzone_5 DZone.com的可用性建议

dzoneDZone.com has quickly become one of my favorite programming-related internet websites. DZone provides a wealth of fresh, interesting development-related links to articles, announcements, and cod...

2020-08-10 17:14:42 175

翻译 谷歌art和华为方舟编译器_Google Art Project – Chrome扩展程序

谷歌art和华为方舟编译器As my career progresses, I see more apps and services which try to invade my space. Notifications, emails, alerts...everyone wants a piece of me. And I'll level with you: they drive me...

2020-08-10 17:05:32 1774

翻译 xampp apache_XAMPP Lite,Windows Vista和php5apache2_2.dll

xampp apacheI recently ran into a nightmare when needing to use my father's laptop for development. My XAMMP Lite USB install, which worked perfectly on my Windows XP desktop, was giving the followin...

2020-08-10 15:46:15 113

翻译 mysql随机返回记录_在MySQL中返回随机记录

mysql随机返回记录The ability to return random records from a MySQL table is invaluable. Returning random records is helpful when: 从MySQL表返回随机记录的能力非常宝贵。 在以下情况下,返回随机记录将很有帮助: featuring items without showin...

2020-08-10 15:05:59 489

翻译 mysql中为表增加外键_在MySQL中为日期添加日期

mysql中为表增加外键One of my customers recently asked me to increment the date field on an event in their database by 14 days because their upcoming event got delayed. I knew the SQL statement would be simp...

2020-08-10 14:55:03 68

翻译 使用Comix创建xkcd样式的漫画

Everyone loves the epic comic xkcd. These comics aren't usually masterclasses of artwork but expressions of whit, usually of a tech-related subject. I've always thought I could eventuallycreat...

2020-08-10 13:43:38 82

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