I used to be confused about whether I should introduce myself as a front-end developer or as a designer. I would switch back and forth based on the situation and whom I was talking to.

我曾经对于应该将自己介绍为前端开发人员还是设计师感到困惑。 我会根据情况和与谁交谈来回切换。

Applying to a design studio? I better call myself a web designer. Being interviewed by a software architect? “Hi, I am a web developer!”

申请设计工作室? 我最好称自己为网页设计师。 正在接受软件架构师的采访吗? “嗨,我是一名网络开发人员!”

Then I found my dream job at a large design studio:


Me: “So would I be a front end developer or a designer?”
Recruiter: “Both! Everyone here is a designer, but your discipline would be front-end development.”
招聘人员:“两个! 这里的每个人都是设计师,但是您的纪律是前端开发。”
Me: “Crap. I’d better take a design class then.”
我:“胡扯。 那我最好去上设计课。”
Semi-Pro Tip #1: Do not mention that you have never taken a design class to a design studio recruiter.

被设计师吓倒的感觉 (Feeling intimidated by designers)

So I immediately registered for my first design class to take during my final semester of college. The class helped me grasp some basic user experience concepts, but I still ended up reporting to my new job at IBM with a major inferiority complex.

因此,我立即注册了我的大学最后一个学期的第一门设计课程。 该课程帮助我掌握了一些基本的用户体验概念,但最终我还是报告了自己在IBM的新工作,其中主要表现为自卑感。

I entered the role surrounded by research, visual, and UX extraordinaries. They were all focused on user pain points.

我担任的角色是研究,视觉和UX非凡人物。 他们都专注于用户的痛点。

Contrast this with me. As a developer, I was conditioned to just ask which features I needed to implement, then decide how best to do that.

与我对比。 作为开发人员,我习惯于问我需要实现哪些功能,然后决定如何最好地实现。

Anxiety started to overtake me. I started to think that maybe I had made the wrong career choice.

焦虑开始超越我。 我开始认为也许我选择了错误的职业。

Maybe I should have joined a department of strictly developers.


Maybe I should have joined a studio that hands off designs to developers without expecting their feedback in return.


Or maybe I should have just given freelancing a shot for a year before joining a large multidisciplinary team.


On the job, this anxiety resulted in shyness.


Semi-Pro Tip #2: The f-word in design is “feature.” There is no product correlation between the amount of features and the quality of the user’s experience.
Semi-Pro技巧2:设计中的F字是“功能”。 功能数量和用户体验质量之间没有产品相关性。

学习走路两个世界 (Learning to walk both worlds)

Luckily, IBM Design had a three month entry-level design bootcamp, which taught me that I could be both a developer and designer. So I soaked up skills from my peers and absorbed as much of their expertise as possible.

幸运的是,IBM Design有一个为期三个月的入门级设计训练营,它告诉我我既可以成为开发人员,也可以是设计师。 因此,我吸收了同行的技能,并吸收了他们尽可能多的专业知识。

The program forced me to take part in activities that helped me understand our users. That’s when I fell in love with the process of writing user stories to document their struggles, then trying to solve them using my development skills.

该计划迫使我参加有助于我了解用户的活动。 那时,我爱上了编写用户故事来记录他们的挣扎,然后尝试使用我的开发技能解决问题的过程。

One key takeaway was that our team became more successful the more time we spent together. There was always a temptation to split up to work alone, then come back together. But we had to fight that.

一个重要的收获是,我们在一起的时间越长,我们的团队就越成功。 总会有一种诱惑,那就是分头工作,然后一起回来。 但是我们必须为此而斗争。

Pair programming with a visual designer helped me greatly. It taught me more visual principles than reading any intro to UI patterns book I could find. At the same time, the visual designer — who had previous worked in print — could learn principles of responsive design quickly from me.

与视觉设计师结对编程对我有很大帮助。 它比阅读任何我能找到的UI模式入门书籍教会了我更多的视觉原理。 同时,以前曾从事印刷工作的视觉设计师可以向我快速学习自适应设计的原理。

Throughout the camp, I learned the true power of multidisciplinary teams. We taught each other about research, user experience, visual design, and front-end development — all in a natural, conversational way.

在整个训练营中,我了解了多学科团队的真正力量。 我们彼此交流了有关研究,用户体验,视觉设计和前端开发的所有内容-所有这些都是自然而然的对话方式。

教开发人员如何像设计师一样思考 (Teaching developers how to think like designers)

A couple of months after graduating from the design bootcamp, I was given the opportunity to attend a college hackathon as a sponsor.


The event was filled with developers who wanted to make epic solutions for various problems. I thought I was there to help participants debug their web apps, but I ended up helping a lot more with design.

这次活动充满了想要为各种问题提供史诗般的解决方案的开发人员。 我以为可以帮助参与者调试他们的Web应用程序,但是最终我在设计方面提供了更多帮助。

First, a guy came over to show off how he had already used an API to visualize some data. After congratulating him on this technical feat, I asked him what his user goal was. He admitted that he had no idea. So we started writing hills based on IBM’s Design Thinking docs.

首先,一个家伙来展示自己如何使用API​​可视化某些数据。 在祝贺他这项技术壮举之后,我问他他的用户目标是什么。 他承认自己不知道。 因此,我们开始根据IBM的Design Thinking文档撰写文章。

Next, another developer wanted help with their color choices. A year ago, I would have been the absolute worst person to ask for help with this. But I didn’t flinch. I asked him what he wanted the web app colors to communicate.

接下来,另一位开发人员需要他们在颜色选择方面的帮助。 一年前,我本来是寻求帮助的绝对最糟糕的人。 但是我没有退缩。 我问他他想让Web应用程序的颜色传达什么。

Dev: “What do you mean? I just know that our color choices are ugly.”
开发人员:“您是什么意思? 我只知道我们的颜色选择很丑。”
Me: “Ah, you are talking about styling. Your colors can do more than just make things look pretty. Why would a user not want to use your app?”
我:“啊,您在谈论样式。 您的色彩不仅可以使外观看起来更漂亮。 用户为什么不想使用您的应用程序?”
Dev: “Well it is a money management app. I don’t know if people will trust us to handle their money.”
开发人员:“嗯,这是一个理财应用程序。 我不知道人们是否会相信我们来处理他们的钱。”
Me: “So let’s see if any research has been conducted about colors that resonate with trust and money!”

With the right question in hand, we were well on our way to researching and selecting the right colors.


The second day of the hackathon, I talked with a team was killing it and getting better with every iteration. The team already had a complete “cupcake” (full experience, but minimal version) of an app. They knew it was time to gather feedback, but did not know how to go about doing this.

骇客马拉松比赛的第二天,我与一个团队交谈,发现他们正在杀死它,并且每次迭代都会变得更好。 团队已经拥有了完整的应用程序“蛋糕”(经验丰富,但版本最少)。 他们知道是时候收集反馈了,但是不知道该怎么做。

This turned into the perfect chance for me to walk them thru their first user testing session. The team learned to provide simple goals to the user, one at a time, then ask the user speak out loud their thoughts during every interaction and every screen.

这对我来说是一次极好的机会,可以引导他们进行首次用户测试。 团队学会了一次为用户提供简单的目标,然后在每次交互和每个屏幕期间要求用户大声说出自己的想法。

Semi-Pro Tip #3: If your user is not vocalizing their thoughts to you, how will you know what they’re thinking?

那我是什么呢? (So what am I, then?)

Of course, I was still able to stretch my front-end developer muscles at the hackathon. There were always plenty of JavaScript and CSS bugs to help out with. I love doing that work. After all, web development is what got me started down my career path. (Actually it was project management, but let’s not go there.)

当然,在黑客马拉松上,我仍然能够伸展前端开发人员的肌肉。 总是有很多JavaScript和CSS错误可以提供帮助。 我喜欢做这项工作。 毕竟,网络开发使我开始了自己的职业生涯。 (实际上是项目管理,但是我们不要去那里。)

So who am I? Thanks to my studio’s design training , I now feel qualified to say I’m a designer. But doing this does not marginalize my role as a developer. Instead, I am now able to touch a product’s growth from the first research interview all the way to the production code we ultimately release.

那我是谁 感谢工作室的设计培训,现在我有资格说自己是设计师。 但是,这样做并不会削弱我作为开发人员的角色。 取而代之的是,从现在的第一次研究访谈到我们最终发布的生产代码,我现在都能触及产品的发展。

So what are you? Are you a designer with a background in data analysis and/or visualization? Are you a designer who understands product strategy?

那你呢 您是一位具有数据分析和/或可视化背景的设计师吗? 您是了解产品策略的设计师吗?

I encourage you to engage with full-time designers in your organization. Offer to share your strengths with them. Then stand back and learn from theirs.

我鼓励您与组织中的专职设计师互动。 提供与他们分享您的优势。 然后退后一步,向他们学习。

For further information: Feel free to contact me by the comments, email, or @seejamescode. I work in ATX for IBM Design and always love conversation with the web design community. Also be sure to share your own career identity crisis in the comments!

有关更多信息:请通过评论, 电子邮件@seejamescode与我联系。 我在ATX for IBM Design工作,并且一直喜欢与Web设计社区进行对话。 另外,请务必在评论中分享您自己的职业身份危机!

翻译自: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/identity-crisis-am-i-a-developer-or-designer-ee513443e914/


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