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翻译 tailwindcss模板_如何开始使用TailwindCSS

tailwindcss模板TailwindCSS is an awesome utility-first CSS library for creating beautiful layouts with less customized CSS. TailwindCSS是一个很棒的实用程序优先CSS库,用于使用较少的自定义CSS创建美观的布局。 There's a good chance you'...

2020-08-21 16:51:01 2350

翻译 grub命令行引导_引导行高度

grub命令行引导Bootstrap is one of the fastest ways to, well, bootstrap a project. The library includes a lot of helpful CSS utility classes to get a responsive, mobile first layout up and running quickly. ...

2020-08-21 16:00:38 931

翻译 javascript闭包_为什么您应该知道JavaScript闭包

javascript闭包Fully understanding closures may seem like a right of passage to becoming a JavaScript developer. 充分理解闭包似乎是成为JavaScript开发人员的通行权利。 There is a reason why it can be difficult to make sense ...

2020-08-21 15:07:23 1046

翻译 学习新技能_如何学习新技能

学习新技能Lately I've been trying to analyze how long it takes me to learn a new skill. During the process I came across a widely touted theory, highlighted in a 1993 psychology paper and popularized by Ma...

2020-08-21 14:17:16 2374

翻译 Git vs GitHub –什么是版本控制及其工作方式?

Have you ever been confused by how Git and GitHub work? Don’t fret — you are not alone. Git and GitHub can be tricky sometimes, but by the end of this post you will have a good grasp of the two. 您是否对G...

2020-08-21 13:48:13 836

翻译 Android Studio 4.0 –最令人兴奋的更新

In the midst of a pandemic, Google finally released its stable version of Android Studio 4.0 on May 28, 2020. 在大流行中,谷歌终于在2020年5月28日发布了其稳定版本的Android Studio 4.0。 Every release brings its own interesti...

2020-08-21 13:38:58 1171

翻译 python3 抓取_如何使用Python 3抓取网站

python3 抓取Web scraping is the process of extracting data from websites. Web抓取是从网站提取数据的过程。 Before attempting to scrape a website, you should make sure that the provider allows it in their terms of ser...

2020-08-21 11:27:05 855

翻译 CSS网格布局简介(包含示例)

css 网格布局CSS Grid has taken over the world of web design. It’s really cool. There are plenty of tutorials, blogs and articles on the internet, which are great sources of knowledge. CSS Grid接管了Web设计的世界...

2020-08-21 10:38:07 687

翻译 led灯闪烁代码_如何设置LED灯并使其通过代码闪烁

led灯闪烁代码Coding an LED Light is introductory project that shows you how software and hardware interact with each other. It's a simple project you can complete in a weekend that'll help you learn some b...

2020-08-21 09:56:38 7107

翻译 Python,如果__name__ == __main__用代码示例解释

When a Python interpreter reads a Python file, it first sets a few special variables. Then it executes the code from the file. 当Python解释器读取Python文件时,它首先设置一些特殊变量。 然后,它执行文件中的代码。 One of those variables...

2020-08-21 08:35:24 602

翻译 用JavaScript搜索数组的四种不同方法

There are different methods in JavaScript that you can use to search for an item in an array. Which method you choose depends on your specific use case. 您可以使用JavaScript中的不同方法来搜索数组中的项目。 选择哪种方法取决于您的特定用...

2020-08-21 06:44:24 623

翻译 水平居中和垂直居中css_如何使用CSS将图像垂直和水平居中

水平居中和垂直居中cssThere are many ways to align HTML elements with CSS. One of the most common things developers struggle with is trying to center an element in the middle of the page. 有许多方法可以将HTML元素与CSS对齐。 ...

2020-08-21 06:25:15 578

翻译 在这28部分的课程中学习构建应用程序所需JavaScript

Are you struggling to figure out what JavaScript skills you need to build real-world apps? Check out this concise, example-filled course that provides the core JavaScript concepts you need to be produ...

2020-08-21 06:15:31 535

翻译 响应式网页设计简史

分布式数据库简史Websites are like a canvas. You have complete freedom to design them the way you want. But unlike a painting, not all people will view your site the way you want. 网站就像一块画布。 您可以完全自由地按自己的方式设计它们...

2020-08-21 03:36:02 993

翻译 react中使用构建缓存_如何使用React构建Chatbot

react中使用构建缓存My philosophy is simple. To become good at something, you need to do it a lot. 我的哲学很简单。 为了变得擅长某件事,您需要做很多事情。 It's not enough to do it once. You need to do it again, and again and again. It...

2020-08-21 02:55:56 798

翻译 react pdf_如何在React中创建PDF报告

react pdfIn this article, we'll be building a button that generates a PDF document (like you see above) based on data from an API call. 在本文中,我们将构建一个按钮,该按钮根据API调用中的数据生成PDF文档(如您在上面看到的)。 A couple of day...

2020-08-21 00:55:24 1553

翻译 自然数 素数 质数_素数列表–最多20,000个素数的图表

自然数 素数 质数Here's a list of all 2,667 prime numbers between zero and 20,000. 以下是所有0至20,000之间的2,667个质数的列表。 I assembled this list for my own uses as a programmer, and wanted to share it with you. 我以程序员的身...

2020-08-21 00:45:02 3423

翻译 git 切换本地git账号_如何在本地Git存储库中的问题之间切换

git 切换本地git账号On my journey to open source I ran into a simple (yet tricky) situation that can trip you up if you do it wrong. And that's what we'll discuss in this article. 在开源过程中,我遇到了一个简单(但很棘手)的情况,如果...

2020-08-20 23:35:41 899

翻译 数据科学的Python基础

Beginners in the field of data science who are not familiar with programming often have a hard time figuring out where they should start. 不熟悉编程的数据科学领域的初学者通常很难确定应该从哪里开始。 With hundreds of questions abo...

2020-08-20 23:25:06 693

翻译 goroutine_如何使用Goroutine增强深度优先搜索

goroutine 什么是深度优先搜索? (What is Depth First Search?)Depth first search is a popular graph traversal algorithm. One application of depth first search in real world applications is in site mapping. 深度优先搜...

2020-08-20 22:46:25 731

翻译 java 队列示例_Java中的优先级队列用示例解释

java 队列示例Priority Queues are used very often in real life applications. In this article we will learn what priority queues are and how we can use them in Java. 优先队列在现实生活中经常使用。 在本文中,我们将学习什么是优先级队列以及如何在J...

2020-08-20 21:54:48 843

翻译 heroku 静态网站_Heroku Deploy –如何将Web应用程序或网站推入生产环境

heroku 静态网站When it comes to deploying an application, there are usually two options: a VPS or a PaaS (platform as a service). This article will show you a recipe for deploying an application to produc...

2020-08-20 21:07:43 655

翻译 python black_如何使用Black自动格式化Python代码

python blackWriting Python code is one thing and writing the code in a good format is another thing. Junior programmers often focus on making sure their code is working and forget to format the code p...

2020-08-20 18:35:10 3623

翻译 以太坊dapp是什么_什么是Dapp? 以太坊Dapps指南

以太坊dapp是什么In the cryptoverse, a lot of attention is laid on Bitcoin. But don't let that overshadow the growing interest in Ethereum, which is revolutionizing the way we think of applications. 在加密货币领域,...

2020-08-20 17:25:02 3370

翻译 如何留住关键人才_如何在2020年及以后吸引和留住顶尖技术人才

如何留住关键人才I care about the future of work because I have always been fascinated with how people earn money and the jobs they hold. 我关心工作的未来,因为我一直着迷于人们的赚钱方式和所从事的工作。 I grew up in a family that valued ho...

2020-08-20 17:05:03 811

翻译 如何在Raspberry PI上设置Ubuntu MATE

A few days ago a Raspberry Pi I use for CI on my personal projects stopped working. The error was easily fixable, but since running anything on that PI was slow from day one, I decided not to proceed ...

2020-08-20 16:55:52 761

翻译 nlp bert 教程_Google BERT NLP机器学习教程

nlp bert 教程There are plenty of applications for machine learning, and one of those is natural language processing or NLP. 机器学习有很多应用程序,其中之一是自然语言处理或NLP。 NLP handles things like text responses, figurin...

2020-08-20 16:45:23 860

翻译 如何使用Vue.js构建存储卡游戏

vue.js 构建项目If you are new to Vue and want to refresh your basics, this fun exercise will help you build an interesting game. 如果您是Vue的新手,并且想刷新基础知识,那么这个有趣的练习将帮助您构建有趣的游戏。 In this post, I will take your ...

2020-08-20 15:14:12 776

翻译 自学成才翁_自学成才的开发人员指南,学习如何编码

自学成才翁So you want to learn to code? My personal advice would be to attend a bootcamp, because they offer a structured curriculum, mentors, dedicated learning time, collaboration and networking between ...

2020-08-20 14:43:51 677

翻译 Javascript中的算法-二进制搜索说明

If you want to gain new problem-solving skills and level up your Computer Science knowledge, look no further than Scrimba's free one-hour course, The Working Developer's Guide To Algorithms. It was de...

2020-08-20 13:32:23 552

翻译 gatsby_如何为Gatsby网站启用离线模式

gatsbyOne of the reasons we create JAMstack sites is because of their great performance. Serving static files is easy and quick. But what if we upgrade the visitor's experience and make the site avail...

2020-08-20 13:23:06 537

翻译 怎么设置在新选项卡中打开_如何使用HTML在新选项卡中打开链接

怎么设置在新选项卡中打开User experience is extremely important for a successful website or web application. There are times when we want to redirect a user from our site to an external site without leaving our si...

2020-08-20 13:12:22 1328

翻译 免费现场课程:使用PyTorch进行深度学习

Are you interested in learning about Deep Learning? We are hosting a free 6-week live course on our YouTube channel, starting Saturday, May 23rd at 8:30 AM PST. 您对学习深度学习感兴趣吗? 我们将于5月23日(星期六)太平洋标准时间上午8:...

2020-08-20 12:42:00 630

翻译 node-postgres_如何使用NestJS,Postgres和Sequelize构建Web API-入门指南

node-postgresNestJS is an MVC framework for building efficient, scalable Node.js server-side applications. NestJS是一个MVC框架,用于构建高效,可扩展的Node.js服务器端应用程序。 It is built with and fully supports TypeScript (...

2020-08-20 12:32:04 1190

翻译 中学编程_如何知道何时从编程问题中学到了一切

中学编程The answer may seem obvious: you’re done with a problem once you’ve solved it. 答案似乎很明显:解决问题后,您就可以解决问题。 That’s how I approached problem-solving when I began learning to code. I was on a problem-s...

2020-08-20 12:21:19 556

翻译 Git克隆分支–如何克隆特定分支

git克隆分支Unlike older centralized version control systems such as SVN and CVS, Git is distributed. Every developer has the full history and control of their code locally or remotely. They can also acces...

2020-08-20 07:26:33 4186

翻译 java中打印数组的方法_Java数组方法–如何在Java中打印数组

java中打印数组的方法An array is a data structure used to store data of the same type. Arrays store their elements in contiguous memory locations. 数组是用于存储相同类型数据的数据结构。 数组将其元素存储在连续的内存位置中。 In Java, arrays are o...

2020-08-20 06:35:23 4133

翻译 当属性更改时重新渲染React组件

Imagine you have a React and Redux project with two components, a parent and a child. 假设您有一个具有两个组件的React和Redux项目,一个父级和一个子级。 The parent component passes some props to the child component. When the chi...

2020-08-20 05:36:54 1363

翻译 react.js开发_为什么您应该作为React开发人员学习Next.js

react.js开发We can all likely agree on one thing: React is one of the most popular solutions out there for building interactive web applications, both small and large. 我们都可能在一件事情上达成共识:React是目前用于构建大小型交互...

2020-08-20 05:17:26 311

翻译 字符实体的特殊符号_HTML实体– HTML空间以及其他HTML符号和特殊字符代码的列表

字符实体的特殊符号Most ASCII characters have a special code you can use in HTML to make that character reliably appear. 大多数ASCII字符都有特殊的代码,您可以在HTML中使用该代码来可靠地显示该字符。 These HTML Entities are particularly helpful ...

2020-08-20 02:38:34 527



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