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from ms official guideline:

1 We use Allman style braces, where each brace begins on a new line.

while (x == y)


2 We use four spaces of indentation (no tabs).

3 We use camelCase for internal and private fields and use readonly where possible. Prefix instance fields with , static fields with s_ and thread static fields with t_. When used on static fields, readonly should come after static (i.e. static readonly not readonly static).

4 We avoid this. unless absolutely necessary.

5 We always specify the visibility, even if it’s the default. Visibility should be the first modifier.

private string _foo //better
string _foo  //bad
public abstract //better
abstract public //bad

6 Namespace imports should be specified at the top of the file, outside of namespace declarations and should be sorted alphabetically.

using System.IO;
using System.Collections;

namespace CAXA.MES.UI.Performance.Board
  public class LinkedList



7 Avoid more than one empty line at any time. For example, do not have two blank lines between members of a type.

8 Avoid spurious free spaces.

if (someVar == 0)..., 

9 If a file happens to differ in style from these guidelines (e.g. private members are named m_member rather than _member), the existing style in that file takes precedence.

10 We only use var when it’s obvious what the variable type is.

var stream = new FileStream(...) //var is OKay
var stream = OpenStandardInput() // here var is not good

11 We use language keywords instead of BCL types.

 int, string, float // good
 Int32, String, Single // bad

12 We use PascalCasing to name all our constant local variables and fields. The only exception is for interop code where the constant value should exactly match the name and value of the code you are calling via interop.

private const int Age=100; //good

13 We use nameof(…) instead of “…” whenever possible and relevant.

14 Fields should be specified at the top within type declarations.

15 When including non-ASCII characters in the source code use Unicode escape sequences (\uXXXX) instead of literal characters.



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