Parallel and Distributed Computing

Course Description: (Updated2005under a new title)
The scope of this course has been significantly widened from Parallel Processing to Parallel and Distributed
Computing, reflecting state of the art in supercomputing and networked computing. Professor Hwang will cover scalable
multiprocessors, multicomputer clusters, Grid computing technologies, latency tolerance and multithreading, message
passing and middleware, parallel programming, distributed supercomputing, Peer-to-Peer, and Grid applications.

Course Outline: (Each topic roughly 2 weeks)
1. Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Architecture:
Symmetric MultiProcessor (SMP), CC-NUMA, and Distributed Shared Memory (DSM)
2. Message-Passing Multicomputer Clusters:
PC clusters, workstation clusters, server farms, cluster of SMPs, availability support,
single-system image, job management in clusters
3. Grid Computing Infrastructure and Technologies:
Grid technologies, major Grid Projects, Globus, GridSim. Condor-G, Nimrod, GridSec, etc.
4. Parallel Programming Models and Software Tools:
Shared-variable, message-passing, support for collective communication, Fast MPI, LAM,
OpenMP, MPI, PVM, Condor, LSF, middleware, etc.
5. Latency Tolerance and Multiprocessing Techniques:
Data pre-fetching, distributed coherent caches, latency hiding, Thread-level parallelism (TLP), etc.
6. Cluster and Grid Computing Techniques and Applications:
SMP clusters, storage-area networks, distributed Supercomputing, e-Science, Business Grids, etc.
7. Emerging New Technologies and Research Frontiers:
Grid and P2P Services, Wireless Grids, Network Security, Selfish Grids, and Trusted Computing, etc
Prerequisite: EE 557 or equivalent course approved by the instructor

Textbooks: ([b]Primarily use of lecture notes, PPT slides, and selected papers. Listed below are 3 references[/b])
1. K. Hwang and Z. Xu: Scalable Parallel Computing, McGraw-Hill, 1998, ISBN: 0-07-031798-4
2. F. Berman, G. Fox, and T. Hey (Editors), Grid Computing: Making The Global Infrastructure a Reality,
John Wiley and Sons, 2003, ISBN: 0-470-85319-0
3. Foster and C. Kesselman (Editors), The GRID 2: Blueprint for New Computing Infrastructure,
Second Edition, Morgan Kaufmann, 2004, ISBN 1-55860-933-4
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