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NeoSwiff C# Compiler version 1.0.3453
Copyright (C) GlobFX Technologies 2004-2005. All rights reserved.


                        - OUTPUT FILES -
/out:<file>             Output file name (default: base name of file with main
                        class or first file)
/target:swf             Build SWF movie (default) (Short form: /t:swf)
/target:exe             Build an exe embedding the SWF movie (Short form: /t:exe
/target:library         Build a library (Short form: /t:library)

                        - INPUT FILES -
/reference:<file list>  Include the specified libraries (Short form: /r)

                        - RESOURCES -
/resource:<xmlresdesc>  Embeds the specified resources (Short form: /res)

                        - CODE GENERATION -
/debug[+|-]             Emit debugging information (default: no)
/optimize[+|-]          Enable optimizations (default: yes) (Short form: /o)
/swf6                   Generate code compatible with version older than 6r65
                        (default: no)

                        - SWF FORMAT -
/resolution:<w>,<h>     Specifies width and height of final movie
/fps:<fps>              Specifies frame rate
/compress[+|-]          Enable compression (default: yes)
/bgcolor:<r>,<g>,<b>    Specifies background RGB color of final movie

                        - ERRORS AND WARNINGS -
/warnaserror[+|-]       Treat warnings as errors

                        - MISCELLANEOUS -
/help                   Display this usage message (Short form: /h or /?)
/advhelp                Display advanced options (Short form: /hh or /??)
/version:<string>       Specifies runtime version number

                        - ADVANCED -
/nostdlib[+|-]          Do not reference standard library (corlib.scl)
/lib:<dirs list>        Specify additional directories to search in for

                        - ADVANCED DEBUG OPTIONS -
/dbg_track_call_stack[+|-]        Generate Call Stack
/dbg_check_invoc_violation[+|-]   Check for Invocation Violation
/dbg_check_access_violation[+|-]  Check for Access Violation
/dbg_check_array_bounds[+|-]      Check Array Access Bounds
/dbg_check_new_array_size[+|-]    Check New Array Size
/dbg_check_cast_exception[+|-]    Raise Cast Exceptions
/dbg_check_division_by_zero[+|-]  Check Division By Zero

                        - ADVANCED OPTIMIZATION OPTIONS -
/opt_remove_unused_code[+|-]  Remove unused code
/opt_inline[+|-]              Inline methods
/opt_inline_reloc_args[+|-]   Use arguments reloc in inlined calls
/opt_removed_inlined[+|-]     Remove unused inlined methods
/opt_locvars_as_regs[+|-]     Optimize usefull local variables
/opt_factorize_locvars[+|-]   Factorize local variables
/opt_realloc_regs[+|-]        Optimize registers
/opt_double_nots[+|-]         Optimize double nots
/opt_push_pop[+|-]            Optimize push/pop
/opt_push_push_swap[+|-]      Optimize push/push_swap
/opt_swap_pop_pop[+|-]        Optimize swap/pop/pop
/opt_push_swap_pop[+|-]       Optimize push/swap/pop
/opt_jnz_and_jump[+|-]        Optimize jnz/jump
/opt_jumpjnz_to_jump[+|-]     Optimize jumpjnz/jump
/opt_jump_to_ret[+|-]         Optimize jump/ret
/opt_dup_lnot_jnz_pop[+|-]    Optimize dup/lnot/jnz/pop
/opt_empty_jump[+|-]          Optimize empty jump
/opt_jump_dead_code[+|-]      Optimize jump/dead code
/opt_jump_precode[+|-]        Optimize jump pre-code
/opt_double_rets[+|-]         Optimize double rets
/opt_dup_streg_pop[+|-]       Optimize dup/streg/pop
/opt_streg_pop_push[+|-]      Optimize streg/pop/push
/opt_streg_push[+|-]          Optimize streg/push
/opt_streg_ret[+|-]           Optimize streg/ret
/opt_streg_pop_ppr[+|-]       Optimize streg/pop/push/push
/opt_streg_pop_pop_push[+|-]  Optimize streg/pop/pop/push
/opt_push_streg_pop[+|-]      Optimize push/streg/pop
/opt_push_dup_push[+|-]       Optimize push/dup/push
/opt_push_val_oper[+|-]       Optimize push/val/oper
/opt_push_oper[+|-]           Optimize push/oper
/opt_push_push_oper[+|-]      Optimize push/push/oper
/opt_oper_pop[+|-]            Optimize oper/pop
/opt_ctors_preinit[+|-]       Optimize ctors pre-init


        Bold = "false"
        Italic = "false"
        Name = "Arial"
        Chars = "32-255"
        Bold = "true"
        Italic = "false"
        Name = "Arial"
        Chars = "32-255"
        Name = "Header"
        RelPath = "E:/csharp/NeoSwiff for VS.NET 2003/samples/RssReader/images/Header.png"
        Quality = "90"
        Name = "ItemHighlight"
        RelPath = "E:/csharp/NeoSwiff for VS.NET 2003/samples/RssReader/images/ItemHighlight.png"
        Quality = "90"
        Name = "LightItem"
        RelPath = "E:/csharp/NeoSwiff for VS.NET 2003/samples/RssReader/images/LightItem.png"
        Quality = "90"
        Name = "Options"
        RelPath = "E:/csharp/NeoSwiff for VS.NET 2003/samples/RssReader/images/Options.png"
        Quality = "90"
        Name = "Options2"
        RelPath = "E:/csharp/NeoSwiff for VS.NET 2003/samples/RssReader/images/Options2.png"
        Quality = "90"
        Name = "Shield"
        RelPath = "E:/csharp/NeoSwiff for VS.NET 2003/samples/RssReader/images/Shield.png"
        Quality = "90"

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