DXperience 8.1.4 released on 30 May 2008 and What'a New

What's Included & New
.NET Product Line - v2008 vol 1.4

New Features/Changes

ASPxGridView and Editors Suite

  • Q103389 - Add the ability to hide focused rows on the client via the SetFocusedRowIndex(-1) method
  • S90237 - Align the popupeditform with grid column headers when adding the first row to the grid
  • S19223 - ASPxGridView - add an ability to change the Pager's row style
  • S20156 - ASPxGridView - Ability to set spacing to control the distance between command column items
  • S19169 - ASPxGridView - Add a new property to define the style of master-detail expand buttons
  • S19528 - ASPxGridView - Add the Cursor property for buttons of command columns
  • S19836 - ASPxGridView - BlackGlass autoformat - remove the <SettingsBehavior AllowFocusedRow="True"></SettingsBehavior> from the skin file
  • S19932 - ASPxGridView - Documentation - add a topic devoted to validation of editors residing in a ASPxGridView template container
  • B94512 - ASPxGridView - send paging parameters (startrownumber + # of rows on page) to the datasourcecontrol.ExecuteSelect() method
  • S50023 - ASPxGridView - Support drag-and-dropping of column headers, if the document's dir attribute is set to the "rtl" value
  • S91198 - ASPxGridView: Add the ability to specify detail row padding settings


  • S91447 - Add a client-side NodeFocusing event to prevent end-users from focusing individual nodes
  • S91446 - Add the ability to hide node focus on startup

DXperience Suite

  • S91357 - Project Converter - Increase the number of items in the History list
  • S19732 - ProjectConverter - The version of the ASPxHttpHandlerModule, which is registered within the Web.Config file, is not updated

XtraBars Suite

  • S19910 - Documentation - Add a note that the EditorButton.SuperTip property has no effect in bars

XtraCharts Suite

  • S19921 - Code - Add an indexer to access a series in a SeriesCollecton by a series name
  • S19925 - Code - Add the "params" modifier before the "coll" parameter in the ValueDataMemberCollection.AddRange method, to make it easier to pass values separated by commas
  • S19924 - Code - Add the "params" modifier before the "values" parameter in the SeriesPoint class constructor, to make it easier to pass values separated by commas
  • S19949 - SeriesPoint - Make the DateTimeArgument and NumericalArgument properties public

XtraEditors Library

  • S91339 - DXErrorProvider - make some methods virtual

XtraGrid Suite

  • S91403 - Documentation - Describe the PartialCardWrapThreshold property
  • AS7679 - The filter glyph should be displayed if the GridColumn.ImageAlignment is set to Centered

XtraScheduler Suite

  • S90664 - Printing - Make three extra lines optional in the WorkWeek Print Style

Resolved Issues

All .NET WinForms Components

  • Q103351 - SuperTips are incorrectly displayed
  • B31097 - Valentine Skin problem

All ASP.NET Components

  • B31187 - ASPxMenu - the drop-down menu is closed up if it contains disabled items only
  • B94494 - ASPxSpellChecker throws unhandled exceptions

ASPxGridView and Editors Suite

  • B94623 - ASPxRadioButtonList clear selection problem (using SetSelectedItem)
  • B93917 - "Insertion index was out of range" exception is raised in 8.1.2
  • B31134 - ASPxClientDateEdit GetText() SetText() does not work
  • B94282 - ASPxClientDateEdit.GetText() returns date objects as strings, rather than text displayed in the editor
  • B94538 - ASPxClientTextBox causes a JavaScript error if hidden with validation settings
  • B19997 - ASPxComboBox - the dropdown list is shown below other controls
  • B94483 - ASPxComboBox - The TextChanged event is not fired when the Tab is clicked after a value is selected by typing within the edit box
  • B31219 - ASPxDateEdit - duplicate values in the drop-down calendar if TimeZone = (GMT -04:00) Santiago
  • B94236 - ASPxGridView - When used within an AJAX ASP.NET UpdatePanel, the grid and other controls lose appearance settings
  • B94307 - ASPxGridView: Incorrect group row expanding/collapsing when the SettingsBehavior.AutoExpandAll property is set to true
  • B94186 - ASPxListbox - callback event does not fire when e.Parameter is an empty string
  • B92707 - Column header HorizontalAlign = "Center" does not work properly when the column is set to a specific pixel width
  • B94379 - Column settings are not stored in the ViewState
  • B94554 - FindVisibleIndexByKeyValue error
  • Q31598 - Header Filter popup window has an incorrect position if the grid is located in a scrollable div
  • B31161 - Header widths do not correspond to editor widths when the first row is being edited, vertical scrollbar and column resizing are enabled
  • B31199 - Inline Editing - Spacing/Padding that appears above and below the row being edited is too big
  • Q103284 - Style settings are lost after a master row is collapsed (Master Detail)
  • B94268 - Support the ObjectDataSource's nested properties
  • B31012 - The "Object Required" error message when using two grids in different UpdatePanels of the same form
  • B94458 - Vertical scrolling in SoftOrange shows Horizontal scroll bar (FF

ASPxperience Suite

  • B93890 - ASPxCallbackPanel - The client PerformCallback method causes a JavaScript error if the method's parameter contains double quotes
  • B94262 - ASPxDataView - ASPxTextBox placed into the ASPxDataView has incorrect text after two postbacks
  • B94049 - ASPxDataView - The FindItemControl method doesn't always work well
  • B31095 - ASPxPageControl - The server TabClick event is raised even if the e.processOnServer is set to false
  • B31136 - ASPxUploadControl - Setting a control's width to 100% isn't in effect
  • B94410 - When a web control's ImageFolder property is assigned with a path, the "~/" prefix is always automatically added to the path

ASPxScheduler Suite

  • B31127 - ASPxScheduler.DayView.TimeScale isn't preserved between postbacks when adjusted at runtime
  • B94636 - Javascript 'JScript flags' error when passing over an appointment with the mouse


  • B94665 - Nodes are incorrectly expanded when ASPxTreeList is contained within ASPxPopupControl, and if they are placed in a usercontrol, which was dynamically added to the page
  • B94553 - The FocusedNodeChanged event isn't raised if the first node is selected

eXpress Persistent Objects

  • B94813 - Design-time - the studio crashes when trying to display the ObjectClassInfo property's drop-down window within the XPServerCollectionSource component
  • B94528 - Resource string MetaData_PropertyMissing is incorrect
  • B94161 - Schema creation fails for Advantage database
  • B94424 - XPQuery - OrderBy and OrderByDescending no longer work

Installation for .NET

  • B94300 - Publisher is not listed in the Control Panel

XtraBars Suite

  • B94618 - Resizing a float panel changes its position
  • B94422 - Ribbon Control - Items are not hot-tracked after adding a page group to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • B94394 - RibbonControl - NullReferenceException on hiding a tab
  • B94647 - RibbonPageGroup caption size is calculated incorrectly when AllowTextClipping is set to false
  • B31226 - Setting KeyTips within a form's constructor is ignored

XtraCharts Suite

  • B31132 - Legend - The legend is sometimes displayed incorrectly in Windows XP
  • B94443 - Localization - The "Exploded" column caption is not localizable in the Exploded Points dialog
  • B94441 - Localization - The "None" string in the data member selection editor isn't localizable
  • B94444 - Localization - Wizard - "General" and "Shadow" captions are not localizable for financial series views
  • B94445 - Localization - Wizard - The "show for zero values" text is not localizable on the Point Labels tab for 3D Bar series views
  • B94442 - Wizard - Axes Page - The title alignment of constant lines works incorrectly
  • B31007 - Wizard - It is impossible to hide Series page tabs
  • B31186 - Wizard - When setting the Alignment property of a secondary axis to Zero, the Wizard fails

XtraEditors Library

  • B94587 - Background of TrackBarControls is incorrect in Office2003 Style
  • Q103464 - Can't set GridLookUpEdit to Null if TextEditStyle = Standard
  • B94382 - CheckedComboBoxEdit - Yellow bar is painted between OK and Cancel buttons in Style3D painting scheme
  • B94233 - CheckedListBoxControl - Cannot change item appearance via the DrawItem event
  • B94411 - DateEdit - EditValueChanged event repeatedly fires
  • B94559 - DateEdit does not show next day in Popup calendar under certain conditions
  • B94409 - OnPasteMenuItemUpdate method raises an exception
  • B94235 - PictureEdit - an attempt to animate an image when the editor is disposed
  • B94037 - ProcessNewValue event fires twice with SearchMode set to AutoFilter
  • B94174 - Setting the CheckedListBoxItem.CheckState property no longer causes the ItemCheck event to fire

XtraGrid Suite

  • B94716 - An exception is raised when hiding fields in layout view
  • B94246 - CardView - Incorrect vertical scrolling within cards
  • B94471 - Columns overlap in advanced banded grid views
  • B94651 - Focused group row is painted incorrectly when AutoSizeColumns = false
  • B92260 - GridLookUpEdit - item is selected during hot-tracking
  • B94725 - LayoutView - Changing a field name corrupts the designer file
  • B94740 - LayoutView - RestoreLayout method restores the DisplayFormat and some other properties
  • B94544 - LayoutView - Unhandled exception is raised on pressing the TAB key if the View contains non-focusable fields
  • B94232 - LayoutView does not allow the cursor to be changed
  • B94320 - Vertical scrollbar behaves incorrectly in GridView
  • B30967 - XmlXtraSerializer.Deserialize(string, string, IList) works incorrectly

XtraLayout Suite

  • B91125 - An editor's validation cannot be canceled
  • B94396 - Control's Validating event fires twice in the FocusElements function
  • B94766 - Crash when moving layout items below a tabbed group
  • B31273 - DataLayoutControl - names of LayoutItems are generated incorrectly when using the generation wizard
  • B94375 - Localization - "Hidden items" cannot be localized


  • B94504 - Caption disappears if ShowExpandButton=false and PaintStyleKind=NavigationPane

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • B94682 - Customization Form - When the PivotGridControl retrieves fields, an exception is thrown if the CustomizationForm is created and is invisible
  • B94295 - Layout - An exception is thrown when a layout is loaded after another layout
  • B94644 - Selection - When scrolling is stopped all the remaining cells are selected

XtraPrinting Library

  • B94513 - ASPxGridViewExporter - Dots in date fields are missing when exporting to XLS format
  • B94588 - Preview - Sometimes the InvalidOperationException is thrown when an application with the Print Preview form is closed
  • B94155 - Preview - When changing the background color via the corresponding menu item, an exception is raised
  • Q103602 - Preview - When PrintRibbonController is added to a Form, it always sets the BarItem.Id property of its items starting from zero, even if there are already some bar items with these indexes on the form

XtraReports Suite

  • B31006 - End-User Designer - An exception occurs when opening the report designer, if the DisplayNameAttribute with the null parameter is used in a report's XPO datasource
  • B94551 - End-User Designer - It becomes very slow when a report contains the XRPivotGrid control in Windows Vista, and if there is a network printer installed
  • B94810 - End-User Designer - Ribbon - The Underline button's tooltip contains a spelling error
  • B94342 - Export to RTF - Landscape property isn't preserved
  • B94153 - Grouping - Group fields aren't removed from the GroupFields collection when deleting a group field at design time
  • B93812 - Page Builder - Sometimes a data-bound label shows incorrect information if it is placed in the PageFooter band
  • B31230 - Scripting - It's impossible to use a relative path when adding an assembly to the ScriptReferences property
  • B31129 - Serialization - Sometimes an exception occurs when loading a report layout, containing the XRChart control
  • B31014 - Styles - When the background of table cells is inherited from a parent control, the background stays visible even if the XRTableCell.Visible property is set to False
  • B30997 - WinControlContainer - If close a report with a WinControlContainer object, and then open a report and delete this object, an "Object reference" exception is raised at design time
  • Q102767 - XRCrossBandBox - Vertical lines are missing in empty bands, if a cross-band box is painted from a GroupHeader to a GroupFooter with the PrintAtBottom property set to True
  • Q103035 - XRPageInfo - If it is set to show the current date and time, its text is updated every time when redrawing the Print Preview
  • B92696 - XRRichtText - Generating print preview fails with the GDI+ error, if a rich text file contains a picture of the signature

XtraScheduler Suite

  • Q103211 - Custom Draw - It's impossible to get the Resource in the CustomDrawDayHeader event handler for the Month View
  • B94680 - Null reference exception on instantiating a reminder alert form descendant
  • B31292 - Preview - SchedulerPrintStyle.ColorConverter.ApplyToCells property isn't effective
  • B93084 - Printing - Month View - When the CompressWeekends option is set to True, the vertical line between Sunday and Monday is missing
  • B93875 - PrintStyles FromXml issue
  • B94022 - Scheduler Control - When there is not enough width to show cells, the "Attempted to divide by zero" exception is raised
  • B94573 - Trying to create a recurring appointment can cause unhandled exception

XtraTreeList Suite

  • B94266 - An exception is raised when double-clicking a treelist header
  • B31103 - TreeList doesn't recalculate its summary after editing a cell value

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • B94479 - Designer - The editor is closed silently when the MultiEditorRow is being added
  • B94425 - Editing - The Vertical Grid throws an exception when posting a value
  • B94245 - PropertyDescription - The PropertyDescriptionControl does not handle nested objects




DXperience v2008 vol 1 for Visual Studio 2005, 2008

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