NFC smart tag竟然有四种 Type 1 Tag Type 2 Tag Type 3 Tag Type




Type 1 Tag, Type 2 Tag,  Type 3 Tag,  Type 4 Tag

Type 1 is based on ISO 14443 A and is currently available exclusively from Innovision Research & Technology (Topaz™). It has a 96-byte memory capacity, which makes it a very cost-efficient tag for a wide range of NFC applications
• Type 2 is also based on ISO 14443 A and is currently exclusively available from Philips (MIFARE UltraLight). It has half the memory capacity of Type 1 tags
• Type 3 is based on FeliCa and is currently exclusively available from Sony. It has a larger memory (currently 2kbyte) and operates at a higher data rate (212kbit/s), which means it is suitable for more complex applications
• Type 4 is fully compatible with ISO 14443A/B and is available from a number of manufacturers, including Philips (typical product example is MIFARE DESFire). It offers large memory-addressing capability with read speeds of between 106kbit/s and 424kbit/s – making it suitable for multiple applications.

国内可以找到的是Type 2, Type 4,NXP生产的MiFrare Ultralight(BlackBerry 9900测试成功),和Desfire(BlackBerry 9900测试失败)


NFC Forum Type Tags White Paper

Using the right NFC tag type for the right NFC application

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