ApacheDS 2.0__Basic User Guide 1.5. - About the sample configurations and sample directory data




1.5. - About the sample configurations and sample directory data

简单的 配置和目录数据。

Basic server parameters 服务器基本参数

In the following sections we assume that you will install, configure and run Apache Directory Server on a host with the following host name using the parameters given in the following table:

在下面的章节中 我们假设你将在一台主机上 安装,配置和运行Apache Directory Server (下面是主机的名称 端口号 分区后缀名 用户名 密码)

Parameter name Parameter value
Hostname zanzibar
Port 10389
Suffix ("Base DN") o=sevenSeas
Admin User DN uid=admin,ou=system
Admin User Password secret

Before you start playing with the data make sure that you have added a partition with the suffix o=sevenSeas to the server. How to do this is described [here|1.4. Basic configuration tasks#Adding your own partition (suffix)]In order to increase recognition, all examples of the Basic User's Guide use these values. Adjust them to your needs (especially the password).

在你操作之前,请确保你已经添加了一个分区 使用的后缀是 suffix o=sevenSeas (在1.4 章节中有如何添加分区的案例和指导) 为了让你更加熟悉 ,在基础用户指导手册中都将使用 suffix o=sevenSeas 分区,你可以去调整这个分区的数据 特别是用户密码。

LDAP Clients LDAP的客户端

LDAP is a client/server protocol. Hence you need an LDAP client to connect remotely to the Apache Directory Server (or at least the directory part of it, to be precise). There are different options here. Because the protocol is standardized, you may use every LDAP compliant client. This is comparable to HTTP, where you can use each web browser to communicate with virtually each web server, and totally different to relational databases. The latter have a (more or less) standardized query language (SQL), but vendors tend to use individual network access protocols. In practice, the LDAP situation is even better than HTTP, because there were no LDAP browser wars ...

LDAP 是一个客户/服务器协议,因此你可以使用LDAP客户端去链接一个Apache Directory Server. 这里有一些建议,因为协议是独立的, 你可能会使用每一个兼容LDAP协议的客户端,这是跟HTTP协议类似的。 比如你使用IE, 火狐 ,360 和 谷歌浏览器发请求沟通web server. 这与链接关系型数据库完全不同。数据库使用标准的SQL,

这与供应商倾向使用私人的网络协议, 在实践中,LDAP协议的情形比HTTP协议好点,因为没有LDAP浏览器之争。 (各种浏览器去抢占市场客户,直接面向电脑使用者  他们打的很激烈,而LDAP是程序员才会注意的 而且使用在后台,所以没有闹腾的那么厉害)

Many software components may act as an LDAP client. Normally they use LDAP libraries to connect. In the following sections you meet LDAP clients with GUI and LDAP command line tools. Some Java programming examples which takes advantage of JNDI are provided as well.

很多软件组件在扮演着LDAP客户端的角色,通常他们使用LDAP libraries( LDAP 提供的API) 去链接。在接下来的章节中你会遇到一些LDAP 客户端用 界面的 用命令行的。一些Java示例也会使用JNDI 来访问ldap serer (就像使用 JNDI 来访问SQL server一样)

In other sections you will learn how E-Mail clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and application servers like Apache Tomcat connect to Apache Directory server, either to use the data stored in the directory (e.g. mail addresses) or to perform authentication and authorization.

在别的章节里面 你会学到如何使用E-Mail客户端和应用级别服务器去链接Apache Directory server ,或者去使用存在于directory中数据去执行验证操作。

(个人感觉 Ldap最多的就是做公司员工基本帐号的存储 用于单点登录时候的数据验证源)

Recapitulating the Basic User's Guide describes connecting to the server with tools provided by ApacheDS as well as third party products. In all cases the examples will use the connection data depicted above (ldap://zanzibar:10389/o=sevenSeas)

重申一下 Basic User's Guide 描述的用于链接apache ds 的除了它本身官方的客户端也可以使用第三方工具 只要遵守LDAP协议即可。在所有的例子中 我们都会使用 这个链接地址 ldap://zanzibar:10389/o=sevenSeas   (想当于链接SQL Server时候的URL)

The sample data (Sailors of the seven seas) 例子数据 七大洋

The file Apache DS Tutorial contains some sample data, which is used in the following sections. It is a text file in the so called LDIF format. LDIF stands for LDAP Data Interchange Format. It is widely adopted in the LDAP world and standardized in RFC 2849. Therefore you are able to import our sample data into other directory solutions as well, not only into Apache Directory Server.

Apache DS Tutorial 手册里包含了一些例子数据,这些数据将会用于下面的章节。这是一个文本文件格式为LDIF, LDIF 支持LDAP协议数据交换格式。它广泛用于LDAP的领域,也是一个RFC 2849的标准. 因此你可以导入我们的例子数据到别的ldap server中 不仅仅是我们的Apache Directory Server.

The sample directory tree contains entries for persons and groups. These are structured in sub trees (ou=people and ou=groups), see image below. The person entries describe sailors (historic and fictional), the group entries bundle them. An example for a group is the ship crew of HMS Bounty.

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