"SlideWindow", just for fun

SideWindow supports standard (240x320) and high (480x640) resolution devices such as the Dell x50v or the Toshiba e805, in either Landscape or Portrait mode. Intermediary resolutions are also supported, and can be configured easily . You can interact with the applications on the SideWindow using your mouse, fingers or stylus.

Just sync up, and your PDA is instantly transformed into a virtual screen extension. When your PDA is removed from the cradle, applications that were dragged onto the PDA automatically pop back onto your main display.

SideWindow is really the perfect companion for PDA and gadget nut. Go ahead, try it. And see just how cool your PDA can really be.




official site说People who have Beta Tested SideWindow during the Beta period will shortly receive a registration key and be able to register their free copy,想来这些人也算收到一个挺拉风的东西