RQ Debugger IDE vb.455 by Andrew Shelkovenko

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RQ Debugger IDE is programmer editor for Rapid-Q Basic and FreeBasic programming languages.

  • multiwindow
    • You can open 32 files and switch to one using "Windows" menu item.
    • You can switch to last window (with saving cursor's position) using "LastW" menu item.
  • named bookmarks
    • You can set 32 bookmarks in every window (opened file)
    • You can "Add", "Delete", "Set", "Sort" bookmarks.
    • You can switch to last bookmark using "LastBM" menu item.
  • projects
    • You can save list of windows and bookmarks as Project.
    • When RQ Debugger IDE is running, it loads all Windows (and other settings) from last project.
    • It automatically open last Window and set cursor to saved last position.
  • step-by-step debugger for Rapid-Q basic
    • execute while value not equal..
    • execute to cursor
    • step-by-step execution