Fatal NI connect error 12170错误解决办法



Fatal NI connect error 12170.

         TNS forLinux:Version11.
         OracleBequeath NT Protocol Adapter for Linux:Version
         TCP/IP NT Protocol Adapter for Linux:Version11.
  Time:06-NOV-2016 18:09:13
  Tracing notturned on.
  Tns error struct:
    ns main err code:12535

TNS-12535:TNS:operation timed out
    ns secondary err code:12560
    nt main err code:505

TNS-00505:Operation timed out
    nt secondary err code:110
    nt OS err code:0
Client address:(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=
Sun Nov 06 18:12:17 2016



在MOS上查找fatal NI connect error 12170可以找到问题原因。英文原文为

   These time out related messages are mostly informational in nature.  The messages indicate the specified client connection (identified by the 'Client address:' details) has experienced a time out. The 'nt secondary err code' identifies the underlying network transport, such as (TCP/IP) timeout limits after a client has abnormally terminated the database connection.
   The 'nt secondary err code' translates to underlying network transport timeouts for the following Operating Systems:

  For the Solaris system: nt secondary err code: 145:
     ETIMEDOUT 145 /* Connection timed out */
  For the Linux operating system: nt secondary err code: 110
     ETIMEDOUT 110 Connection timed out
  For the HP-UX system: nt secondary err code: 238:
     ETIMEDOUT 238 /* Connection timed out */
  For AIX: nt secondary err code: 78:
     ETIMEDOUT 78 /* Connection timed out */
  For Windows based platforms: nt secondary err code: 60         (which translates to Winsock Error: 10060)

  Description:  A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.
  The reason the messages are written to the alert log is related to the use of the new 11g Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) feature being enabled by default.  See (Doc ID 454927.1).

- 一个连接试图连接主机,但是主机没有正确响应
- 被连接的主机没有响应导致一个已经建立的连接失败了



设置Oracle Net的配置参数使它的诊断追踪信息不再写入到告警日志文件中,需要修改两个地方:

1. 在服务端的sqlnet.ora文件中增加一行
2. 在服务端的listener.ora中增加一行(其中listenername替换为你自己的监听器名称)
3. 使用lsnrctl命令使以上配置生效
       lsnrctl reload;(业务不会中断,如果业务不是很紧张,最好使用lsnrctl restart确保参数生效)
       lsnrclt restart;(业务会中断)
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