EE308FZ Lab 3_1

1.Team gathering


Team membersIntroduction
Liu BoLiu Bo is the organizer of the team and an efficient code writer. He is good at java back-end springboot development, pythonflask framework, network data crawler, database application, embedded development and other skills. He likes to realize software functions bit by bit through practice and code writing. I will have a great sense of achievement when I string complex logic into powerful software. I am the software designer, the core member of team development, the organizer and the back-end development member.
Wu JingqiangHave a passion for learning,Have considerable programming ability in kotlin, c language and python,Play the role of cheering teammates in the team.
Su RongzengSu Rongzeng can write Android code and has front-end development experience. He is the front-end engineer of the team, responsible for docking with back-end developers
Lin WeiStyle:Outgoing, talkative and sociable.Skills:Javascript、C/C++、matlab 、Write CSDN blogs.Programming:Good at using C/C++ for programming, at the same time good at java back-end springboot development、network data crawler etc.Expected software engineering roles:Back-end development work and all other requirements
Lin Yanxustyle:Positive and responsibleskills:C/C++, matlab, python ,kotlin programming interests: do cool things with C/C++ or matlabexpected software engineering roles:Front-end, requirements analyst
Li Yiyangstyle:Generally introverted, occasionally talkativeskills:C/C++, matlab, python (a little bit) Oriented CSDN programming, for the big guys to serve tea、programming interests: do cool things with C/C++ or matlabexpected software engineering roles:Front-end, requirements analystone sentence declaration:A problem is a chance for you to do best.
Han DerongAn excellent prototype maker, with amazing creativity for the delicacy and richness of the interface, is an indispensable part of the team

1.2Team characteristic

Our team has experienced and sophisticated front-end and back-end engineers. The team members actively contribute to the project and the team is very united.We have the best front-end engineers ,the most efficient code writers And the best prototype designers.The team members have the spirit of study and can overcome all difficulties in the project process.We believe that the final result will definitely impress you.



1.4 Group photo

fgroup photo

2.Start action

2.1 Summary of the project

Healthcare is an Android mobile terminal software for the elderly. It can effectively popularize medical and health care knowledge, provide a large, reliable and accurate drug database, and conduct real-time health monitoring, bringing great convenience to people’s daily life, and escort the healthy life of people (especially the elderly).

2.2How to distribute the contribution points

The group deliverables score is equal to the group leader’s score, and the total score of other team members is multiplied by the number of team members. The group leader and the team members jointly decide how to distribute the total score to other team members based on their contribution, that is, the group leader can give points to the team members according to their performance, but the group leader cannot give points to himself

3.Drip record


3.1.1The mind map

mind map p1
mind map p2

3.1.2 Burn out map




3.3Learning process bar


1) The tool we choose to draw uml diagrams is process on. This is because process on has specialized in drawing uml modules and has provided many excellent uml cases for our reference. In addition, because we have experience in drawing process diagrams, we choose this platform. After using it, we think that process on saves us a lot of time, provides us with a lot of useful models and icons, the interface is beautiful and clear, and does not charge any fees. It is very friendly to our students.

2)Problem 1: The team has just assembled, and the division of tasks is not clear

Solution 1: We fully exchange our own situation and understand each other, and then jointly determine the team leader and project theme. With the decision of the team leader, we divide tasks according to our own advantages, and plan the schedule.

Problem 2: Inconsistent work habits and code specifications of team members

Solution 2: Use git cooperation to cooperate and determine the code specification. Each team member must write files and codes according to the specification. The submission of each member must be reviewed by the leader before it can be integrated into the large project.

Problem 3: Different team learning abilities and hobbies

Solution 3: Determine the division of labor according to your own advantages and hobbies, and try to highlight your personal characteristics in the project. Team members help each other and share learning materials and good methods.

Conclusion: 80% of the problems encountered in the initial stage of project development have been well solved

Experience: We must pay attention to the problems at the initial stage of project development, because these problems can be solved well to improve the efficiency of subsequent development to a large extent. Cultivating good habits can also help us improve. In addition, mutual help among members is also very important

4.Video clip

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