EE308FZ Lab2_2 Bobing game

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The Aim of This Assignmentdevelopment of a Bobing software
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PSP stagesEstimated time(min)Actual time(min)
· Estimate6080
·Design Spec--
·Design Review6060
·Coding Standard120120
·Code Review600700
·Test Report3030
·Size Measurement1530
·Postmortem & Process Improvement Plan2530

1. Technica Problems

1.1 Key functions(roll the dices and return the results)

I think the key function is to roll the dice and get the player’s dice roll result and return it to the data.
Shake the dice through the gif image and background music, make the effect of shaking the dice more vivid, and bring a better experience to the players.
Players obtain points through gambling, and finally determine what gifts to get based on the points. Therefore, it is also a very important function to obtain player points from the game and return them to the database, and finally retrieve data from the database to view the player’s final points.

1.2 Difficult functions (Multiplay play online)

Based on my recent studies, I think it is still difficult to implement multiplayer online games. First, we need to build a server, so that players can log in to the server, obtain their own game data, and enter the same room. The data has to be sent back to the server and so on. I don’t think we have the ability to implement this function at this stage. I hope that we can continue to improve our programming ability in the next study.

2.Time Consuming Events

2.1 UI design

Without basic theory knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, it is extremely difficult to desigh a User Interface only by using codes. I need to learn the definition and use of various parameters one by one. Graphical programming is not applicable to the wechat developer tool platform, and the results may not be in line with expectations.

2.2 Shaking dice

Six dice, each dice must correspond to a random number, and the generated random number must correspond to a picture with the same number. It sounds like a relatively simple process, but in fact, when pairing photos for each result , often there will be confusion and wrong calls, causing the project to debug bugs for a long time

2.3 Background Music

It’s seemingly quite a easy job to insert music into background to make interface more interactive, but the related audio API of wechat developor tool has come up to date, many old and unsuitable interfaces cause the program do not run properly, and it took a lot of time to learn use new API and fine bugs in the code,that’s a part of the problem. On the other hand,looking fot the right and appropriate musical material is not as easy as it seems, to make the user interface more interactive, passinoate and lively music is essential.请添加图片描述

3.Pair programming experience

This is my first attempt at pair programming, neither of us had experience with team programming, and with no experience with front-end development, we actually did our own thing. I am mainly responsible for the front-end development of the project, but with further study, I found that the WeChat developer tool comes with a cloud database

So we did not realize the front-end and back-end interaction. I directly used the cloud database of the WeChat developer tool to complete the project development. Of course at first we were worried about not being able to complete the project within the stipulated time, so my partner was also using Java Swing to complete our project, and we actually ended up with two projects.

4.Pair working environment

Two Lenovo laptops, four hands, a week, games made with two different programming languages.


The End

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