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篇 名 H.264快速帧内预测算法
並列篇名 Fast intra-prediction Algorithm in H.264
作 者 杨黎波(Li-Bo Yang);唐慧明(Hui-Ming Tang);徐华根(Hua-Gen Xu)
刊 名 浙江大學學報(理學版)
卷期/出版年月 33卷2期(2006/03)
頁次 156-160
資料語文 中文
摘要 在新制定的H.264视频编解码标准中,帧内预测是一项重要的技术。它利用周围像素预测当前块来降低空间冗余,能极大地提高H.264的编码效率。然而,帧内预测的4×4及16×16预测分别有9种和4种模式,为选出最佳模式,全搜索算法需要花费极大的计算量。为了降低帧内预测的复杂度,提出了一种快速帧内预测算法。该算法针对全Ⅰ帧编码,充分利用了时域、空域及不同块大小间的相关性来预测当前块的最佳模式,并结合提前中止算法来减少不必要的模式选择计算。实验结果表明:与全搜索相比,文中提出的算法能减少50%~75%的帧内预测计算量,而保持图像质量几乎不变。

Intra-prediction is an important feature in the new H. 264 video coding standard. It predicts the current block with surrounding pixels to reduce the special redundancies and improves coding efficiency of H. 264 greatly. However, there are 9 and 4 candidate modes for 4×4 and 16×16 intra-prediction respectively. The full search algorithm used to select the best mode is computationally expensive. To reduce its complexity, a fast intra prediction al gorithm was proposed. Based on the all Ⅰ-frame coding, it took advantage of the strong correlations in temporal domain, spatial domain and different block-sizes to predict the best mode of the current block. An early termination mechanism was further incorporated to avoid unnecessary computations when a good decision can be made in early stage. Experimental results chow that compared to full search, the proposed method can reduce 50%~45% computational load of the intra prediction while the quality degradation is negligible.

關鍵詞 视频编码,帧内预测,快速算法,H.264/JVT;video coding,intra-prediction,fast algorithm,H.264/JVT
CEPS分類 學科別>自然科學>綜合
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