What I Have Done In 2005 And What I Should Do In 2006

Now we have entered a new year which is very important to us.  In 2005 I have learned a lot from the courses from gucas.  Though some of these courses were a little tiresome, I have  got some useful things from them. I regreted not learning well from the algorithm course. Now an important task is to get familiar with and master these usually used algorithms. In 2005 I got a part time job in IBM CSDL from which I learned a lot and got some useful experiences. From the three-month intern, I improved my unstanding of software engineering. However, I did not take advantage of that good chance to learn more.  Maybe one is matured from those things which are not perfect. In the last of 2005 I began to relearn English which is very important to my studying and job hunting. And in 2006 I will keep on practicing English. I will emphasize spoken English,written English and English reading. In 2005 I learned or relearned many things related to computer sicence, and these kinds of studing will keep on in 2006.

There are two most important goals I shoud achieve in 2006. One is to find a good job, the other is to write a paper. To realize them I should do the following things:
1.Improve programming skill
  1.1 Master data structure,operating system,database,computer network and other element courses.
  1.2 Master the usually used algorithms
  1.3 Get familiar with Windows platform and its APIs
  1.4 Get familiar with Unix/Linux platform and its APIs
  1.5 Improve the understanding of C++ and Java
  1.6 Improve the understanding of UML,software testing and other things which are related to software engineering
  1.7 Improve the understanding of desigh pattern and other things which are related to software design
  1.8 Improve the skills of socket programming,database programming, thread programming and other things related to these
  1.9 Learn something about database management
  1.10 Get familiar with some useful network protocol
  1.11 Get familiar with J2EE
  1.12 Other things which are important
2. Improve English skill
  2.1 Practice sopken English
  2.2 Practice written English
  2.3 Practice English reading
  2.4 Learn English words
3. Paper related
  3.1 Read some paper written by other people
  3.2 Write a paper myself

At the same time, don't forget to take exercise. Don't forget to go swimming and skating sometimes.


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