An abstract class may have no abstract method,such as the following class Car. 马 克- t o --wi n: At this time,the only point and the meaning of abstract class is that we can not instantiated the class, because it is abstract class.Why an abstract class can have a nonabstract method? what is the point? also in logic, think over the following example, car is a bit abstract in that you dont' know exactly whether it is a truck or a jeep or a limersine, 马克-to-win:so it is defined as a abstract class. but no matter whether it is truck,jep, or limersine, it definitely use steering wheel. so its steer() method is an ordinary method instead of an abstract method. ) Abstract class can’t be instantiated.

abstract class Nothing {//里面有方法也照样声明为abstract
    void nothing() {
abstract class VehMark_to_win {
    abstract void steer();
    abstract void move();
class Bike extends VehMark_to_win {//Bike不是抽象的, 所以必须得全部实现abstract方法