OpenXava 4.4版本发布了

OpenXava 4.4 (2012-3-22)

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New features:
- Totals and row count are shown in collection frames when they are folded.
- Comparator 'range' added to list and collections filter.
- Java 7 support.
- Slide effect for hiding and showing frames.
- Frames fill all the width of the view.
- HtmlUnit upgraded to 2.9.
- jQuery UI upgraded to 1.8.12.
- jQuery upgraded to 1.5.2.  
- Liferay 4.1 is no longer supported.
- New method setConditionValuesTo() in ModuleTestBase.

- Fix: Reseting filter values does not work completely when an enum or descriptions list is present.  
- Fix: Liferay51 style (the default one) pointed to a non-existent JavaScript file.
- Fix: List column resizing does not work with IE9.
- Fix: Moving and resizing dialogs do not work with IE9.
- Fix: Loading... AJAX waiting message is not visible when a dialog is shown.
- Fix: Moving and resizing a dialog affect the next open dialog size and position.
- Fix: Combo with a simple key (a) overlapped with a combo with a composed key (a, b) and a simple property (b) fails: Field b is not saved.
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