currentCharacterEncoding = slCharacterEncoding()

slCharacterEncoding(encoding) %encoding 为设置的具体的编码模式





This command allows you to change the current MATLAB® character set encoding to be compatible with the character encoding of a model that you want to open.

currentCharacterEncoding = slCharacterEncoding()   returns the current MATLAB character set encoding.

slCharacterEncoding(encoding)        changes the MATLAB character set encoding to the specified encoding. You should only specify these values:

  • 'US-ASCII'
  • 'Windows-1252'
  • 'ISO-8859-1'
  • 'Shift_JIS'
  • 'UTF-8'

If you want to use a different character encoding, you need to start MATLAB with the appropriate locale settings for your operating system. Consult your operating system manual to change the locale setting. Simulink® can support any character encoding that uses single-byte or double-byte characters.

If you open a model that uses a particular character set encoding in a MATLAB session that uses a different encoding, a warning appears. For example, suppose that you create a model in a MATLAB session configured for Shift_JIS and open it in a session configured for US_ASCII. The warning message shows the encoding of the current session and the encoding used to create the model. If you encounter any problems with corrupted characters, for example when using MATLAB files associated with the model, then try using the slCharacterEncoding function to change the character encoding

  1. Close all open models.
  2. Use slCharacterEncoding to change the character encoding of the current MATLAB session to match the model character encoding.
  3. Reopen the model.

Note You must close all open models or libraries before changing the MATLAB character set encoding except when changing from 'US-ASCII' to another encoding.

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