Author: jonas1
A BoxProcessingFunctional3D_L is intended to act on a
single lattice, while a BoxProcessingFunctional3D_LL acts at the same
time on two lattices, for example to transfer information from one
lattice to the other. As examples that are potentially helpful to you,
a fully working instance of the BoxProcessingFunctional3D_LL can be
found in palabos/src/multiPhysics/boussinesqThermalProcessor3D.h,
where it is used to couple a fluid with the temperature field, and
other examples are in
palabos/src/dataProcessors/dataAnalysisFunctional3D.h, where the data
processors are used to transfer data from one lattice to another.

BoxProcessingFunctional3D_L 作用于一个lattice上。

BoxProcessingFunctional3D_LL同时作用在两个lattice上,比如从lattice1传递信息至lattice2,可以在palabos/src/multiPhysics/boussinesqThermalProcessor3D.h中找到一个例子 。这个例子是用来耦合流体与温度场。


Author: orestis

Hello, if your boundary is not defined though dynamics then you have
to use a “mask” where you manually define the type of cell.

For more than two fields it is totally possible. You have to use the
generic processors. For example ConvertNTensorToScalarFunctional3D is
using them

大意:提问者询问是否有处理3个lattices以上的函数,以及能不能这样判断格点是否为反弹格点if (cell.getDynamics().Name==“Bounceback”) {…}
Orestis回复为如果边界条件不是通过dynamics定义,则需要自己手动给这些类型的cell设定“mask”,多个lattices的处理器可用generic processors,例如ConvertNTensorToScalarFunctional3D。

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