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Since 1995, Internet Mental Health has provided information on mental health free-of-charge. In 2005, we launched three new support groups (communities) for Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Schizophrenia. We now offer state-of-the-art, interactive psychiatric tools at our new website, MyTherapy. You can use your computer to: make psychiatric diagnoses, keep a private diary (to document, graph and statistically analyze your week-by-week progress), and test your brain (memory, concentration, verbal fluency, orientation, and thinking speed or executive functioning). Famous People Who Have Had Mental Illness Hans Christian Anderson, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Winston Churchill, Kurt Cobain, Charles Darwin, Emily Dickenson, Thomas Edison, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Betty Ford, Paul Gauguin, King George III, Johan Goethe, Ernest Hemingway, Victor Hugo, Ignatius of Loyola, Thomas Jefferson, John Keats, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther, Michelangelo, Florence Nightingale, King Saul, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Isaac Newton. "The burden of mental illness on health and productivity in the United States and throughout the world has long been profoundly underestimated. Data developed by the massive Global Burden of Disease study, conducted by the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and Harvard University, reveal that mental illness, including suicide, ranks second in the burden of disease in established market economies, such as the United States ... Nearly two-thirds of all people with diagnosable mental disorders do not seek treatment ... When people understand that mental disorders are not the result of moral failings or limited will power, but are legitimate illnesses that are responsive to specific treatments, much of the negative stereotyping may dissipate." Mental Health: A Report from the Surgeon General


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A Brief History of the Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene The grounds and area surrounding the Men...
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How to Improve Students' Mental Health?

When most people are aware of the significance of physical health, we must also remind them of the v...
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Mental ray 渲染器常用设置

Mental ray 渲染器常用设置               Mental ray是一个专业的3D渲染引擎,它可以生成令人难以置信的高质量真实感图象。现在你可以在3D Studio的高性...
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浅谈Mental Ray渲染引擎并行性机制

最近一段时间过的很充实,抽周末时间总结一下自己所学渲染技术的心得体会,希望可以帮助需要此知识的朋友,也作为备忘录以供查阅。 在图形学领域,提高渲染效率及渲染时间,从而得到更好的交互体验,是每个技术人员...
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Mental ray 的建筑渲染Arch&Design材质

Mental ray 的建筑渲染Arch&Design材质             mental ray“Arch &Design”材质是一个坚如磐石的材质明暗器,专门设计用于支持在建筑和产品设...
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Maya MentalRay 玻璃材质测试

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mental ray渲染引擎----环境映射

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mental ray透明贴片无法渲染问题解决

因为项目里要渲染一些序列图的贴片模型 因为不需要写实又要快速,直接用mental ray渲染 但是两个透明贴图放在一起时居然没法渲染 还以为是设置或者图片模型出现问题了 后来发现是mental ray...
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Maya Mental Ray 阴影 采样 效果对比

Mental Ray阴影 采样 100 Mental Ray阴影 采样 5
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POJ 3187 (DFS)

Description FJ and his cows enjoy playing a mental game. They write down the numbers from 1 to N (...
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