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Paik Hospital + Inje University Nano Engineering Department Joint Technology Development Inje Nano Calcium's Promise For World Free From Osteoporosis Worlds first calcium supplement developed by dry Nano grinding technology. Baek Hospital Inje University Nano Engineering Department Joint Technology Development Inje Nano Calcium the Hope of Mankinds health For women who find themselves with osteoporosis after going through menopause, supplement of calcium for women that are pregnant or breast feeding, growth of youth, and mid-age to older men, osteoporosis is increasing. Nanocalcium completely supplements the problems found in existing calciums limitations, which were side effects such as stomach problems and low absorbtion rate. Nanocalcium will give hopes to osteoporosis patients, not only by supplementing the necessary, but creating a normal bone structure. Insufficient Calcium Consumption where 75% if the entire population suffers from insufficient calcium - 3 out of 100 women 50 years and older have died sue to osteoporosis related fracture - Lack of calcium intake methods, which is required for infant period when bone and teeth are created, youth period when most growth takes place, pregnant women, 45 years and older mid age period, and women who have passed their menopause. -Silent bone thief ? osteoporosis Due to the low absorbtion capacity of the existing calcium supplements, reality portrays osteoporosis as a terminal disease, hence called silent bone thief Osteoporosis is one of many dangerous diseases, as there is no general symptom as the changes occur internally and not external, therefore the possibility of osteoporosis cannot be known until a fracture occurs.

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