Learning FP-Growth Algorithm in Python

Again, it is a study note of 'Machine Learning in Action'. Here is a refined variation to Apriori principle - FP-Growth algorithm The key data struct...

2016-03-08 06:53:11

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Learning Apriori Algorithm - in Python

"Machine Learning in Action" is a good book. I've learnt Apriori algorithm successfully. Here is a working Python3 code piece: # Load Da...

2016-03-02 09:10:30

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Project Euler 46 solution optimized using C++ meta-programming

Continued with last post.. now I'm using C++ meta-programming to solve this problem - all computation moved to compile time. But there are limitatio...

2015-07-19 02:36:59

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Project Euler 46 solution optimized using SSE2

http://www.mathblog.dk/project-euler-46-odd-number-prime-square/ Not a hard one to code, but it can be optimized using SSE2 instructions. The code b...

2015-07-18 15:49:44

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Belated enlightenment on Quaternion

The first time when I read chapter 4 "Transforms", the Quaternion part confused me a lot. You may have already read this great article: htt...

2015-03-24 01:11:37

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Calling Haskell from C - (DLL solution)

My main reference is : http://mostlycode.wordpress.com/2010/01/03/shared-haskell-so-library-with-ghc-6-10-4-and-cabal/ Step 1: Write your Haskel...

2014-06-28 05:51:08

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Review on 2 well-known Haskell textbooks

Almost every Haskell beginner reads the following 2 books:

2014-06-20 14:00:22

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Boost Preprocessor is so cool

#include "boost/preprocessor/seq/size.hpp" #include "boost/preprocessor/seq/elem.hpp" #include "boost/preprocessor/seq/pus...

2014-06-04 12:52:45

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lcov solution on linux

0. Make sure you have built\installed gcov\lcov\genhtml on your linux machine

2014-04-24 14:30:14

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A Turing-complete language: Brainf*ck

Remember the mathematical representation of Turing machine? Here comes a programming language that looks just like a 'raw' simulation to that. http:/...

2014-02-19 06:28:55

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Concrete maths reading notes 1 - ch. 1&2

I got my current copy of concrete maths about four years ago in Shanghai. And now I finally possess the courage and determination to read it. What su...

2013-11-11 00:51:03

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"Introduction to the Theory of Computation" 1st round done ROUGHLY

OK finally I have read it over (at Baltimore MD), though pretty roughly. In recent months, my majority brain cycles were on this book. And compared w...

2013-10-26 05:06:08

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C++ Grandmaster Certification ?

I encounter a very interesting C++ certification course\program free online: http://www.cppgm.org/about.html It is called C++ 'GRANDMASTER' certifica...

2013-08-20 00:46:08

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"Introduction to the Theory of Computation" Reading notes - Ch. 3

Finally Turing machine is introduced. With NFA\PDA in mind, readers should be able to understand Turing machine without too much effort. Again, Prof....

2013-07-23 01:37:56

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"Introduction to the Theory of Computation" Reading notes - Ch. 2

Chapter 2 is a generalized chapter 1, just like (G)NFA to DFA.  Combining GNFA|Regular lang., readers should be able to understand PDA|Ctx-Free gram...

2013-07-16 14:50:57

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"Introduction to the Theory of Computation" Reading notes - Ch. 0 and 1

"Introduction to the Theory of Computation" (by Michael Sipser) is a perfect book for TCS beginners. It is superbly accessible and friendly...

2013-07-08 14:02:57

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《数学之美》Reading Notes

http://book.douban.com/subject/10750155/ I saw this book in bookstore first, instead of Amazon\China-Pub that is the usual way I got to know new b...

2013-07-03 23:48:07

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Review on existing open-source Register Allocation algorithms with GCC\LLVM

The essence of compiler is in back-end, precisely, it is optimization. And Register Allocation is one very important aspect of compiler optimization....

2013-05-10 04:35:08

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Two must-have articles(in zh-cn) about VIM

Reference: http://blog.csdn.net/wooin 手把手教你把Vim改装成一个IDE编程环境(图文) 我的vimrc

2012-01-18 15:39:32

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A pretty good article on Quantum Computing


2011-08-28 03:11:03

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