Will Google be overturned by blockchain search engine Bitclave?

When it comes to search engines, we immediately think of the search engine giant, Google. More than 70% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising! So why does bitclave dare to challenge Google's position? Why is it received the attention of adblockchain? Before answering this question, let us first understand the definition of bitclave.

BitClave (token is cat) is the next generation data privacy platform. BitClave aims to solve a big problem in the online advertising industry, that is the industry is dominated by several major players (such as Facebook and Google). BitClave aims to undermine this $55 billion advertising industry through blockchain-based solutions.


Now let's analyze why bitclave dares to challenge these giants? BitClave is an anti-Google search that supports direct customer and business interaction. In the automotive industry, for example, current car dealerships use google, facebook and other platforms to purchase traffic, attract users to click through advertisements, and then reach advertisers' websites and continue to maintain the arrival of consumers. The problem today is that marketing costs are very expensive and advertisers often make ends meet. With BitClave, customers can get paid according to their search requests. Companies can make money through personalized services. All data is private and secure. In the current $55 billion advertising market, there are too many money hidden in advertising networks, and the added value of enterprises and customers is too small. In the BitClave ecosystem, car dealers will have the opportunity to present their promotions and advertisements directly to potential buyers. At the same time, BitClave will prevent people from cheating and ensure that content is seen by real consumers.


The emergence of Bitclave has brought us a great imagination, because it will take all the intermediate profits out! So I am personally optimistic about bitclave and cat coin because of its large enough market. However, it is hard to say whether clave can shake Google’s position. After all, Google’s roots are deep, and bitclave itself still has investment risks. As it is just a product plan, there is no real product. You should analyze bitclave price carefully.



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