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1.  简述    在 Windows2000/xp/vista 下,安装 VS2005, QT 4.7.2 ;并在 VS2005上建立 QT 的集成开发环境, 利用 VS2005 开发环境开发,调试 QT 程序; 2. 所需程序    VS2005以及VS2005Sp1          ...

2011-11-03 18:23:27

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Free webcast: "AutoCAD: .NET for LISP Programmers"

On October 18th were delivering a free AutoCAD development-oriented webcast entitled "AutoCAD: .NET for LISP Programmers".Check here for ou...

2007-10-15 14:11:00

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Plotting a window from AutoCAD using .NET

This post extends this previous post that dealt with driving a single-sheet AutoCAD plot by adding some code to handle selection and transformation o...

2007-10-15 14:10:00

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Allowing selection of an AutoCAD plot device and media name using .NET

A comment came in on this previous post regarding how best to know whether a media name is valid during your plot configuration.There are a few appro...

2007-10-15 14:09:00

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Microsoft to release source for .NET Framework Libraries

I thought Id bring your attention to this post on Scott Guthries blog - this is a really exciting announcement for .NET developers everywhere:Releasi...

2007-10-15 14:08:00

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Previewing and plotting multiple sheets in AutoCAD using .NET

This was a fun one to work on. The code in this post combines and extends upon techniques shown in two earlier posts: one showing how to plot multipl...

2007-10-15 14:04:00

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Free webcast reminder: "AutoCAD: 10 easy ways to crash your AutoCAD addin"

As mentioned in this previous post, tomorrow were delivering a fun (and free!) AutoCAD development-oriented webcast entitled "AutoCAD: 10 easy w...

2007-10-15 14:03:00

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Previewing and plotting a single sheet in AutoCAD using .NET

 This weeks posts take the code I threw together last week for single-sheet and multi-sheet plotting, and introduces the concept of "plot previe...

2007-10-15 14:02:00

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Driving a multi-sheet AutoCAD plot using .NET

Somewhat symmetrically I’m posting this from Chicago airport, once again, but thankfully I’m now on my way home. It was a busy week of meetings, but ...

2007-10-15 14:01:00

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Driving a basic AutoCAD plot using .NET

I just missed my connecting flight in Chicago, so have 3 hours to pass until the next, and decided to post some code I finally got around to writing ...

2007-10-15 14:00:00

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Creating a multileader in AutoCAD using a jig from .NET

Im now back from a fantastic break in Italy and am trying hard to catch back up. Next week Im off again to San Diego (work, this time), which may cau...

2007-10-15 13:58:00

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Accessing the active space or layout in an AutoCAD drawing using .NET

 This question was asked as comment to a previous post by har!s:Thanks a lot for the code. I have yet to see 2008 and MultiLeader. But I presume that...

2007-10-15 13:56:00

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AU Unplugged session on AutoCAD development

Just a quick post today regarding an AU Unplugged! topic Ive submitted.The proposed session is called "Developing applications for AutoCAD: best...

2007-10-15 13:55:00

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我用过的Rails IDE

在网上看到了很多介绍Rails的IDE的文章,这些文章给了我很大的帮助, 我在看到一个新的IDE的时候就下载下来试用,到现在用了大概三四个了,包括大家熟悉的Komodo、Netbeans、Aptana、CodeGear、E-TextEditor等等。有些用的时间还比较长,下面我把我的使用感受说一下...

2007-10-15 00:42:00

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find_by_sql 返回值问题

最近在做一个公司内部的系统,因为ROR开发速度较快,所以就用了它,后面会纪录一些开发的经验上来。在用find方法执行查询的时候,返回值肯定是一个类的集合(Array),这时候可以直接调用类的属性,但是在用find_by_sql的时候,例如,下面的sql语句:sql = "SELECT (...

2007-10-10 22:18:00

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Creating an AutoCAD multileader spraying out from central text using .NET

 Some more fun with multileaders... this post shows some code that adds multiple leader lines to a multileader/MLeader, each of them "spraying&q...

2007-09-07 10:58:00

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Creating a spline-segment multileader in AutoCAD using .NET

 I thought it would be interesting to spend a few posts looking into the multileader or MLeader functionality in AutoCAD 2008.To get things started, ...

2007-09-07 10:57:00

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Creating an Installer" webcast recording available for download

 The recording of the latest in the AutoCAD Development Masterclass series, "Creating an Installer" held on August 16, has been posted here...

2007-09-07 10:56:00

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Updating an Excel spreadsheet from a linked AutoCAD table using .NET

 In the last post we saw some code to update an AutoCAD table linked to an Excel spreadsheet. In this post we go the other way, updating an Excel spr...

2007-09-07 10:55:00

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Updating an AutoCAD table linked to an Excel spreadsheet using .NET

 Thanks to Viru Aithal, from DevTech India, for providing the code for this post (I converted the C# code below from some C++ he had sent to a develo...

2007-09-07 10:54:00

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