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AU Unplugged session on AutoCAD development

Just a quick post today regarding an AU Unplugged! topic I've submitted.

The proposed session is called "Developing applications for AutoCAD: best practices for using AutoCAD's APIs." Here's the description I gave for the topic:

"Come along to share and learn best practices for customizing/developing with AutoCAD: discuss your choice of API technology and how best to address common development issues. Find out where best to focus your learning around AutoCAD customization."

If you're interested in attending this (and other developer-oriented Autodesk University sessions), you can register for the conference at AU Online. I don't know whether the Unplugged event will be approved, but I'm excited by the concept and curious to see how it works in practice...

文章标签: session api
个人分类: CAD开发 C#
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