Cassandra in Action with Twitter's Ruby Client

有一个全新的项目,因为考虑到将来的数据扩展性能,所以考虑用Cassandra做数据存储,前端用Lighttpd + FastCGI + Rails。在使用Cassandra的时候,觉得有一些东西可能大家都需要,就写了一个简单的指南。因为内容比较长(16页),就弄了个PDF文件给大家下载。


Cassandra in Action with Twitter's Ruby Client.pdf





Okay, let me get something straight. I’m not going to persuade you to use Cassandra. I just assume you have already chosen Cassandra as your storage solution. Maybe you know the basic things, the underneath mechanisms, about Cassandra or maybe not. Anyway, I assume you don’t care what makes Cassandra outstanding and you just want to use it. If that’s the case, this tutorial is going to help you, in these 3 aspects:


1) to set up the environment correctly,

2) to understand how to model you data in a Cassandra way,

3) to understand and use Twitter’s Cassandra Ruby client.


After reading this tutorial, you should have a working environment and can start your project with a good understanding of doing your job in a very Cassandra way. Here we go!