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Translate C++ Dijkstra to Javascript version

The C++ Dijkstra is at: http://www.cnblogs.com/tanky_woo/archive/2011/01/19/1939041.html Calculate the path from 1 to 5! Here is the Jav...

2011-12-02 13:01:20

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Set wlan for mobile devices in Wn7

Add a bat file(wlan.bat) with content: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=testt key=12345678 netsh wlan start hostednetwork pause

2011-09-26 12:26:22

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"your computer needs to restart" when install Windows 8 on Virtualbox

When i install the Windows 8 Preview on Virtualbox, it always stopped at black screen with "your computer needs to restart, params.....". A

2011-09-16 08:48:38

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1、 哨子:对于家中有老人,特别是独居老人或有慢性病老人的的非常重要,一旦老人独自在家发生意外(摔伤、生病、紧急情况)而导致行动不便或无力呼救时,随手可拿的哨子将能够引起邻居或救援人员注意。如遇地震等情况,哨子也能够起到呼救功能。再配个手电给老人放床头。   2、 厨房:用肥

2011-08-09 08:54:50

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Keycode list

Just for reminder. key: { a: {code: 65}, b: {code: 66}, c: {code: 67}, d: {code: 68}, e: {code: 69}, f: {code: 70}, g: {code:

2011-08-01 17:17:38

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Create menu by javascript dynamically

There are many ways to create menu dynamically:1. Spit url by "/", then create menu for each part.You can search the solution from internet,

2011-07-27 13:24:46

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Sample of HTML 5 game development

Just a sample of HTML 5 game development. var VehicleGame = function() { var ctx; var goRight = false, goLeft = false, paus

2011-07-26 17:43:16

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You should know this about T & F & Y!

Add below hosts, then you can access Twitter & Facebook.And please add "Https://" before the url if encountered the access issue.#twitt...

2011-07-22 09:19:55

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Convert string to JSONObject by net.sf.json library

Just for reminder.JSONObject json = (JSONObject) JSONSerializer.toJSON( jsonTxt );

2011-07-19 18:04:22

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An effective way to use pattern to instead of multiple if else statements

We often face many if-else statements during the development, that's a little boring.We can use pattern to change this, such as Strategy, an

2011-07-19 15:14:39

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Assign privilege to SA for drawing the relationship diagram in MsSQL

When click "Database relationship diagram" in MsSQL, warning "此数据库没有有效所有者" will be shown up.To fix this issue, just execute below...

2011-07-14 15:03:42

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You should know this about google(plus) picadaweb.google.com203.208.46.29 lh1.ggpht.com203.208.46.29 lh2.ggpht.com203.208.46.29 lh3.ggpht.com203.208.46.29 lh4.ggpht.c

2011-07-07 12:33:38

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Display the google map in jQuery ui dialog

Use the default settings, the google map can be displayed in a separate page. But, cant be displayed in the jQuery dialog. After debug in Firebug, i ...

2011-06-30 15:48:00

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Three linkage menu for Province, City, County

To load adzone faster, we need to use ajax to load the province, city or county when its parent changed.Here is the major code:1. Main page<%@ pag...

2011-06-23 17:46:00

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How to open the dialog out of iframe by using jquery dialog

The solution is from http://stackoverflow.com Once, i want to trigger the dialog in iframe, and want it to be openned in the parent page. but it alwa...

2011-06-23 10:06:00

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Continue & break function in .each() function

If you want to do "continue" in an .each() loop, you can use below code segment to implement it.  $(div).each(function (index, el) { if ...

2011-06-22 10:24:00

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Client-side table sorting for flexigrid

Writer:   Dustkicker  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I wrote a function to perform sorting o...

2011-06-16 14:42:00

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2011-06-13 22:02:00

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Specify the column on one-to-many

If we want the relatioship is TestParent.testNo = TestChild.testNo, do not use the identity column "id".We should specify the columns in ma...

2011-06-09 13:56:00

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How to format date/datetime in struts2

<br />1. Use param<br /><s:textfield name="order.entryDt"> <s:param name="value" ><s:date name=&...

2011-05-27 11:02:00

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