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Tracing the Concurrent program is very good option to Debug any issue while running the concurrent program.

Goal :
To enable the Trace for Concurrent Programs
To Debug the issues in Concurrent Programs or its dependent objects.

Solution :
1. Goto Concurrent Program Definition

Application Developer –> Concurrent –> Program –> check Enable Trace

Query your concurrent program and check the Enable Trace check box at the bottom of the screen.

2. Set the Profile Concurrent: Allow Debugging to YES.

3. Navigate to the Responsibility from where you are running the program.

4. Before Submitting the Concurrent Program in Submit Request screen there will be an option like Debug Options click on that button.

5. In the Debug Options select the SQL Trace and enable Trace with binds.

6. Submit the Concurrent Program and note down the Request id.

7.Trace file name will always be post fixed with oracle_process_id.To get the oracle_process_id use the below SQL
Select oracle_process_id from fnd_concurrent_requests where request_id= &Request_id;

8.And the Trace file path can be derived using the below SQL
Select * from v$parameter where name='user_dump_dest';

9. Get the trace file to your local machine.Understanding the raw trace is very complex so use TKPROF utility to make the Trace file readable.

10. Open the Command Prompt and run the below command
TKPROF < Trace File_Name.trc> <Output_File_Name.out> SORT=fchela

11.A new outfile will be generated with the name given in the above command.Analyse the Output file to know the answers for your problem.

Sql queries to find the log files by Request id
select req.oracle_process_id tracename, req.request_id, req.requested_by,usr.user_name, prog.user_concurrent_program_name, req.request_date, req.phase_code, req.status_code, req.logfile_name , req.outfile_name, dest.value as user_dump_dest from apps. fnd_concurrent_requests req, gv$parameter dest, apps.fnd_concurrent_programs_vl prog, apps.fnd_user usr
where  req. concurrent_program_id = prog.concurrent_program_id
and req.requested_by = usr.user_id
and 'user_dump_dest'
and request_id =&Request_id;

Sql query find the log files by username
select req.oracle_process_id tracename, req.request_id, req.requested_by,usr.user_name, prog.user_concurrent_program_name, req.request_date,  req.phase_code, req.status_code, req.logfile_name , req.outfile_name, dest.value as user_dump_dest 
from apps. fnd_concurrent_requests req, gv$parameter dest, apps.fnd_concurrent_programs_vl prog, apps.fnd_user usr
where  req. concurrent_program_id = prog.concurrent_program_id
and req.requested_by = usr.user_id
–and request_id like ‘6013239’
and ‘user_dump_dest’
and usr.user_name like ‘Ramesh%G%’
order by request_date desc
Select oracle_process_id from fnd_concurrent_requests where request_id = &Request_id;
select * from apps. fnd_concurrent_requests req,gv$parameter dest , apps .fnd_concurrent_programs_vl prog where  req. concurrent_program_id = prog.concurrent_program_id and request_id like ‘601300%’
and ‘user_dump_dest’


Oracle EBS常用调试和Trace

Oracle EBS常用调试和Trace: 包含以下几个方面FND(WIP/GL/AR/AP/...)(Form/OAF)、INV(RCV/WMS)、OM、WSH、RCV、MSCA/MWA、OAF、...
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1.并发程序定义界面,勾选启用跟踪选项; 2.提交该并发请求; 3.使用请求号查询生成的trace文件路径,生成的文件在数据库服务器上,需要用数据库服务器账号登录; 路径使用以下sql查询,...
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  • buzhidao_2
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1,在并发程序定义界面,勾选“启用跟踪” 2,运行以下程序,获取trace文件的路径: SELECT 'Request id: ' || Request_Id,        'Trac...
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Oracle EBS重启并发管理器和weblogic

EBS内部管理器被关闭导致标准管理器无法重启 使用appl用户,telnet到应用服务器。 进入 $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME 1 关闭并发 stop a...
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完整图文版   当我们在在form操作中...
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trace的目的 trace主要是用于程序调优,优化,程序bug调试,程序运行系统情况跟踪   trace步骤 1.并发定义中,勾上“启用跟踪” 2.提交一个请求,得到请求编号 注意:用完之后,将启...
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Oracle EBS 创建并发请求

EBS中有很多的并发请求,它们跟WINDOW中的多线程是同样的东东,可以在同时的执行不同的任务而互不干扰,在EBS中要定义并发请求很简单步骤如下。 这里定义一个并发请求,该请求是运行一存储过...
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关于Oracle E-Business Suite并发处理机制(Current Processing)

2012年写过一篇关于Oracle E-Business Suite并发管理器的文章,回头看之前总结的内容还是比较单薄,很多点没说到,最近再看这块的内容,索性再写一篇稍微完整的文章来。Oracle E...
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EBS系统请求表定时清除 一般提交后的请求记录只保存7天,要不然可能会导致表记录较大。...
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