To be a good programmer

http://www.trickjarrett.com/programmer/index.php/Main_Page This is dedicated to updating the excellent resource by Robert L. Read. The original versi...

2009-04-12 09:56:00

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Basic XNA OOP for Beginners

Basic XNA OOP for Beginnersby percent20 German TranslationThe Problem:    Often overlooked in development is the beginner to a technology. This is d...

2009-04-09 15:39:00

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Getting started with XNA - First Person Camera

Getting started with XNA - First Person CameraWhat’s a game or an interactive presentation without a way to move around? So in this tutorial, I’ll sh...

2009-04-07 15:50:00

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Collision Detection Overview

Collision Detection OverviewOverview of the collision-detection–related functionality provided by the XNA Framework.Collision detection is the proces...

2009-04-03 15:05:00

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Math Overview

Math OverviewThe XNA Framework Math Libraries can be found in the Microsoft.Xna.Framework namespace, alongside a number of additional types that deal...

2009-04-03 14:39:00

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Viewports and Frustums

Viewports and FrustumsProvides overview of viewports and frustums as related to 3D graphics concepts.Conceptually, a viewport is a two-dimensional (2...

2009-04-03 14:06:00

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3D Graphics Overview

3D Graphics OverviewProvides an overview of 3D graphics. The Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics namespace contains classes to use the graphics device t...

2009-04-03 11:08:00

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So you want to be a Game Developer?

So you want to be a Game Developer?Starting to Program gamesIn the good old days, back when the Internet had about 10 users and the web was a far off...

2009-04-03 09:51:00

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2D Graphics Overview

2D Graphics OverviewSprites are 2D bitmaps drawn directly on the screen, as opposed to being drawn in 3D space. Sprites are commonly used to display ...

2009-04-02 16:24:00

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Application Model Overview

Application Model OverviewThe XNA Framework Game class provides a framework for processing game simulation based on a fixed or variable time interval...

2009-04-02 15:31:00

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Content Pipeline Architecture

Content Pipeline ArchitectureDescribes the architecture of the XNA Game Studio Content Pipeline build process. The process is designed to be extensib...

2009-04-02 14:57:00

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Model Processing with the XNA Framework Content Pipeline

Model Processing with the XNA Framework Content PipelineDescribes the model conversion process implemented by XNA Framework Content Pipeline.The conv...

2009-04-02 14:23:00

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XNA: Overview of the Content Pipeline

Overview of the Content PipelineDescribes how the XNA Game Studio Content Pipeline lets you build art assets into your game automatically from the fi...

2009-04-02 14:04:00

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Developing an Application Architecture Part 1: Giving Your Data Some Brains

Developing an Application ArchitectureOverviewThis series of articles will walk through the creation of a simple application architecture that can be...

2009-04-01 15:56:00

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More Effective C# Item 7. Do Not Create Generic Specialization on Base Classes or Interfaces

 Item 7. Do Not Create Generic Specialization on Base Classes or InterfacesIntroducing generic methods can make it highly complicated for the compile...

2009-04-01 10:34:00

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同样来自于Dr. Dobbs 网站的推荐,好像这个网站经常做推荐,例如当前有什么适合开发人员看的好书,或者是针对多核编程的书。这里推荐了PM应当阅读的书籍,先记录一下。看来想在这个领域混饭吃,还是需要多读书。 10 Papers Every Software Architect Should Re...

2009-04-01 10:18:00

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在Dr. Dobb网站上看到的blog,虽然里现在有一段时间了,而且很多内容比较理论化,或者说需要有一定工作经验的时候看比较有感触,所以工作一段时间以后,可以回过头来看看这些文章,也许有不一样的体会。里面还有一个“开发人员应当阅读的10篇论文”链接,也是挺不错的文章。 10 Papers Ever...

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 Let’s Write PongYou got the concept all figured out and have all the files you need to get started. It’s time to do some actual coding. First take...

2009-03-30 15:34:00

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 Game IdeasTalking about the game concept for a game like Pong seems to be a little ridiculous, but I will try to keep things as general as possibl...

2009-03-30 14:37:00

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