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产品图片重设插件(不会变形) - Resize images proportionally

产品图片重设插件(不会变形) - Resize images proportionally

可能是Magento系统的默认功能中在生成图片缩略图时会变形,所有有社区人员写出了个图片重设而不会变形的插件,那就不用为产品的图片费心了,这个插件是:Resize images proportionally。效果看下面的图片,最直观了:

Magento Connect:magento-community/NetAmbition_DirectResize


Give the possibility to resize images without distorted them.

You can specify a Width and a Height value as well as a ratio.

The ratio options are :
0 - none proportionnal. The image will be resized at the Width and Height values.
1 - proportionnal, based on the Width value
2 - proportionnal, based on the Height value
3 - proportionnal for the new image can fit in the Width and the Height values.
4 - proportionnal. The new image will cover an area with the Width and the Height values.

For use, replace the actuals calls :
with :
where the options are : (width, height, ratio)


To use the module, you must find in your .phtml file the calls of the product images and change them.

For example, in the file design/frontend/default/default/template/catalog/product/list.phtml
at line 95, you can find : "->resize(x,y)" that you must replace with "->directResize(x,y,r)" with r = ratio of your choice.

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