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ccah-500 第20题 What is the result when you execute: hadoop jar SampleJar MyClass

20.Your cluster is configured with HDFS and MapReduce version 2 (MRv2) on YARN. What is the result when you execute: hadoop jar SampleJar MyClass on a client machine?

A. SampleJar.Jar is sent to the ApplicationMaster which allocates a container for SampleJar.Jar

B. Sample.jar is placed in a temporary directory in HDFS

C. SampleJar.jar is sent directly to the ResourceManager

D. SampleJar.jar is serialized into an XML file which is submitted to the ApplicatoionMaster

Answer: A -- > B



from the book “The Definitive Guide, 4th Edt”

Figure 7-1:

Copies the resources needed to run the job, including the job JAR file, the configuration file, and the computed input splits, to the shared filesystem (e.g., HDFS) in a directory named.

The job JAR is copied with a high replication factor (controlled by the mapreduce.client.submit.file.replication property, which defaults to 10) so that there are lots of copies across the cluster for the node managers to access when they run tasks for the job.

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