a day of a programmer

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There are many articles in CSDN about the life of programmer.

I drew mine.

6:00      The bell rang, stop it and go on sleeping.
6:10~6:15  Get up, go to rest room and get a cup of water.
6:15~7:00  English recite(crazy english,read very loudly and quickly,
    possibly wake up the roommate in another room.)
    from 7/20/2004 to now,I have stick to it for almost 2 months,
    try to insit on, pain past is pleasure.
7:00~7:20  Shower and dress, necktie is request, I hate it, bad rule.
7:20~7:30  Breakfast,hot muilk + bread.
7:30~8:20  Go to company by electric car(train?another name? who knows),
    crowded in the morning, have nothing to do in it just listen to the
    LiYang english from my MP3.
8:20~8:30  Walk to company from Tokyo station, no charge for getting a napkin from a deliverer.:)
           Arrivte at the entrance of the building where company is in and show my
    entrnace card to the guard
8:30~8:40  Power on my computer and get a big cup of water.One cup coffee 50 Japanese coin.
8:40~9:00  News time, open msn,check email,blogs(now I am using FeedDemon.weblogs.asp.net,blog.joycode.com,www.cnblogs.com.Etc.)
9:00~11:50 Work time, fix the bug and code according the the design document using asp.net(C#).
           During the period,drink water and go to toilet for several times :)
11:50~12:20 Lunch time, go down the building to buy a meal including a juice in a 24 hours shop,
     it costs me 600 Yuan(Japanese money. equal 42RMB).
12:20~13:00 News time again,CSDN,blogs,email,msn
13:30~18:00 Work time again,aternoon is a long time.
     communicate with the SE when I think the the design has some problems,
     I admit the design is very goodish,because the SE doesn't know .net technology.
     Go on coding after the confirmation.(In spare time I will study the new technology and do some test about it)
18:00~19:10 Go back to dorm, in the electric car listent to the MP3 and fall in sleep.
     Few programmers like me go off work so early,:) I don't like the overtime and I finish my work quickly.
19:10~20:00 Cook and eat my dinner,almost noodle plus vegetable,egg and meat.
20:00~22:30 Free time,email check,write my blog,csdn,wenxuecity,5460,QQ,msn,skype,...
            write short message to my parents using pop163. Read .net technology articles.
22:30~6:00  Sleeping ~~~~

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